I’m shooting a fun video in the New Year with a new YouTube channel to feature what a day in my life is like. My schedule honestly changes everyday depending on my shooting schedule, campaigns and travel opportunities. I thought that if it was remotely interesting enough for a video on a channel owned by a major company, it might be fun to share with my readers.

Sometimes I get invited to take different or new fitness classes. On Wednesday night, I got to take a class with the Surfset Fitness gang again. I took a class about a year ago and since then, the company has been featured on Shark Tank, funded by Mark Cuban, opened their first location at the Chelsea Pier and has been featured in pretty much every women’s fitness every magazine.

IMG 9544

Unlike last time, we had a lovely surfing video to watch during the workout. The instructor obviously was on the front board, but the lights were dimmed, the music loud and it felt a little concert like, which I love. The lights came back up when we finished obviously.

IMG 9547

The class was challenging and fun. I love to try out different classes when I have the opportunity. Surfset tries to simulate the surf workout but incorporates strength exercises using your body weight as well. Starting in January 2013, classes will start being offered at a bunch of gyms including Crunch.

IMG 9546

The board wobbles side to side creating the unstable surface. It’s pretty cool. I usually workout before these types of classes because I never know how much of a workout I am actually going to get. This was a good workout but I was glad I took the 8 am class in addition.

Last week, a friend of mine, who works for a tourist travel magazine in Boston called Panorama, asked if I would be up for a little photoshoot for potentially their cover. They usually use stock photos but they wanted to see if they could convince their editor to use an original. So, on Thursday and Friday morning, I spent about 2 hours taking fun fitness pictures. Thursday we visited the MIT rock climbing wall, which is free for anyone to use.  It was my second time ever trying it and was really hard. Not sure I’ll doing it on my own time but it looks cool! My arms were a little sore afterwards but I was fine to take the noon time Bar class.

Photo Dec 20 10 33 03 AM

Today, we shot at Back Bay Yoga, my favorite Yoga studio in Boston. I’m excited to see the pictures even if they don’t end up in Panorama. IMG 9553

The rest of my days this week were dedicated to editing video, writing posts, and negotiating future projects. The negotiation process is probably one of the more time consuming activities that goes on for full time blogger/vlogger/freelance/contractors. You never hear about the time it takes. Between numerous emails back and forth, 3 phone calls at least lasting 30-60 minutes and then only 1 out of maybe 5 opportunities amounts to anything. I’m not complaining, I love my job, but just trying to paint you a realistic picture.

It took me also about 45 minutes to locate a song to use in a video that ended up getting axed. My video from Wednesday did really well featuring “How I lost the last 10 pounds.” I decided to make a video to answer the comments the video received because there were too many to type or too complicated to just give short answers. If you left a question, watch the video below!

A fun week to be a fitness blogger

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  • lisa

    Hi Sarah! I know you love the Barre workouts and I have to tell you that there is this like WICKED hard video called Dream Body Fitness (by Fusion Fitness) that is very similar and but more cardio based===it is by far the hardest and greatest video for combining toning/cardio. I literally am shaking by the end and I consider myself an advanced excerciser! I was sweating so much! I just wanted to let you know about it because I think you would REALLY like it!


  • Sierra

    Hey Sarah!
    I came across your blog recently, and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the way you go about a fit lifestyle in such a healthy, realistic way! You are so motivational, as well as such an inspiration. You have such amazing tips, recipes, videos, and tons of extremely helpful information. This past year I’ve become so much more interested in nutrition (I’ve always been an active person), but I’ve learned a ton from your blog, and just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it! Learning about nutrition is a little overwhelming when incorporated into training (still working on figuring it all out). You have no idea how much I’ve found online while searching for info that is just to the extreme, and very unrealistic for most people’s lifestyles. Thank you so much for doing what you do, helping peeps like me figure it all out, and for doing what’s best for you despite what others may think or say- you are an amazing, positive individual be to representing fitness the right way!

  • Viviana

    Are you wearing American Apparel pants in your yoga studio pic?? I got a pair from PV Body just like those…although I had to return them because a M was SO small!
    Your weeks sounds amazing! BTW thanks for the deal on PV body in November, their price went up to $50 this month!

  • Dee

    SARAH! SARAH! I need an answer. I have lots of loose skin on my legs and butt (also known as saggy) & I really need to tone up my legs and butt so I can get ready for bikini season! & i’ve got a few ideas in mind, but not sure they will tone them up as easy as I want them too.. I’ve got about 5 months left, and I was wondering if i ran 2 miles a day, 5 times a week, would that tone them up? I want to hear your take on this, and if you do have any workout ideas especially targeting the leg and butt area, I would love to hear it.


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