So my gym is closing up shop in 2 weeks.  This is very sad because:

  1. It’s the only locally owned gym in the area (I’m not including small boutiques that just offer classes or PT)
  2. It was the gym I went to before I became a trainer so now I’ll have to find a gym to workout at.
  3. It is the gym where I learned my trade and met my own trainer Mike D

So now the question is, do I find a new gym or do I go back to TV/Media/Journalism?  I went to college for broadcast journalism and worked at 3 TV stations before joining where I met Katrina and Bethenny (who are now superstars).  I helped create and promote videos that allowed people like them who are fitness and health experts to be recognized.  I just really like fitness.  I like making videos.  I always have but I also feel like fitness is not my gift.  

I heard a good quote yesterday and can’t remember who said it, but it suggested that we are meant to use our “gifts” to the best of our ability, to help others and fulfill our own lives.  I think I’ve confused my passions with my gifts.  I’m passionate about fitness but should it be a hobby or an occupation?  I guess it can be both, but when I was in 4th grade, I dressed up as Katie Couric not Denise Austin when asked to dress up as a woman in history we looked up to (other children chose more prominent historical figures like Louisa May Alcott and Harriet Tubman).  

I think I’m pretty good at inspiring people.  I like to be nosy and investigate, try new things and share my opinions.  My video, “The Photoshop Effect” has over 8 million views and I love what Michael Pollan has been able to achieve as a journalist.  Also, most health bloggers do it as a hobby, not a full time job. 

What do you think I should pursuit?  Do you follow your passion, your gifts or both?  

Reality Check Time

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