Healthy Living Guide To College: Google+ Hang Out on Air

Tomorrow, Tuesday August 20th, I’m hosting a chat on Google+ to talk about healthy living in college. The Hang Out On Air starts at 1 pm EST! You can RSVP today to leave a question that I will answer. The “Parent’s Guide to College” is a week long series that actually starts today and is […]

9 Signs You Read Too Many Healthy Living Blogs

While I uploaded a real time arm slimming workout on Tuesday, yesterday I brought you guys my top 9 signs that you read too many healthy living blogs. I’m guilty of most if not all of the of top 9. I had 3 additions that I did not make the cut in the video that […]

Travel Essentials For Health Freaks Like Me”

I can’t believe I am leaving for Australia this Wednesday.  I’m starting to get a little stressed out with packing, planning and finishing up my work before I leave.  True to character, I’m even uneasy about a change in my fitness routine and staple meals. I understand many of you will read this thinking, “It’s […]