Healthy Living Guide To College: Google+ Hang Out on Air

Tomorrow, Tuesday August 20th, I’m hosting a chat on Google+ to talk about healthy living in college. The Hang Out On Air starts at 1 pm EST! You can RSVP today to leave a question that I will answer.

The “Parent’s Guide to College” is a week long series that actually starts today and is geared towards preparing parents and their entering college Freshman on everything they need to know for this major life transition. Today’s chat is all about room decor, packing and organizing, something I may have to watch for my own good. Wednesday is all about budgeting, another topic I could use the help.

Kin bts googlehangout 081213

My Hangout On Air is all about healthy living and safety. Staying both mentally and physically fit is essential for a successful start to college, so we’ve gathered experts to share their advice and keep parents and their college students informed and prepared for university life. The Hangout will be streaming live to the Kin Community Google+ Page, in the Event Page, and Kin’s YouTube Channel. If you have a question that you would like to be answered, please come and join the discussion! Looking forward to seeing some of you!

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