I can’t believe I am leaving for Australia this Wednesday.  I’m starting to get a little stressed out with packing, planning and finishing up my work before I leave.  True to character, I’m even uneasy about a change in my fitness routine and staple meals.

I understand many of you will read this thinking, “It’s vacation, enjoy it!”  I will enjoy it, but I’m only able to eat what I like because I work out so much.  If I didn’t work out, I’d pack on pounds quickly.  It’s easier said than done to exercise on vacation.  I’m staying with friends and I have no idea if they have a neighborhood that is runner friendly.  Originally I was planning to run a half marathon in the end of March.  This idea got Vetoed rather quickly in my head.  Being away for 10 days, half way across the world, didn’t seem like the best training plan for my first half.

I realize there are elements I can and may not be able to control so here are my travel tips that are in my control.

Bring your own food for the trip.  I made a video for my Vegas trip last June about my go-to breakfast when I travel.  Oatmeal in a baggy is easily portable and only requires a hot cup of water which can be free at many coffee shops (I suggest you buy a coffee as well to be nice). Having a healthy breakfast is the perfect way to start a day of sight-seeing or lounging by the pool.

Bring your own snacks as well for on the plane.  I’m going to be on a plane for up to 24 hours so my plan is to drink lots and lots of water, minimize sodium intake – no salted nuts – and bring fresh snacks. The Mini Babybel Light cheese wheel is an ideal byo snack that has 6 g of protein and just 50 calories.  The red wax shell helps keep the cheese fresh in your purse for the duration of the flight unlike other perishable foods.

Other portable protein snacks that are SarahFit approved are Think Thin Bars.  With 6-12 g of protein per bar (the snack size has 6 g and 100 calories), these low sugar, low carb dessert like bars are perfect for those with a sweet tooth.  I love every flavor, honestly.

In my carry-on luggage, I also bring a piece of fresh fruit.  My go to are fuji or honey crisp apples, bananas and oranges as they all are pretty durable and stay fresh without being refrigerated for a few days.

In my checked bags I usually bring trail mix in single serving packets, like Trader Joe’s raw trek mix with raisins, almond, cashews and walnuts.  It has zero added salt, and the fruit has no sugar added.  I keep these in my bag during busy days so if I’m faced with a long period of time between meals, I’ll never get so hungry I make poor decisions at my next meal.

These strategies not only save me calories for my margaritas at night, but they also save money when it comes to eat out.

As far as exercise goes, I’m going to bring my running shoes and 3 outfits to workout in.  I’m hoping to go running 3 times for 45-60 minutes.  Most importantly, I’m going to try to relax, and not think so much about everything.  Walking, going on tours, bike tours burn calories.  I’m hoping to make this an active vacation and with my new iPhone I’ll be sure to take pictures and upload them on here when I can.

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