Sunday Morning Breakfast

During the week, I love smoothies and protein pancakes for breakfast. But on the weekends, I need an omelet with home fries. This morning before yoga, I quickly whipped up some egg whites with fresh pico de gallo for a quick scramble. During the week, I made roasted sweet potatoes with salt, pepper and all […]

Diet Dilemma: Is Meal Delivery For You?

If you hate to cook, are short on time and want to lose weight, you’ve probably looked into a few meal delivery programs.  Some are delicious but unaffordable for most (The Fresh Diet), while other less expensive programs may be filled with preservatives, high in sodium and low in nutrients (Nutrisystem).  I loved The Fresh […]

Vegetarian Protein Recipe: Cheesy Quinoa ‘n’ Veggies

Incorporating protein into my meals is very important.  I rely on it to help me feel full, and reap the benefits of the work I put in at the gym.   A few other benefits are helping maintain a healthy metabolism, filling you up on less calories, help prevent aging, ward off sickness and provide […]