Diet Dilemma: Is Meal Delivery For You?

If you hate to cook, are short on time and want to lose weight, you’ve probably looked into a few meal delivery programs.  Some are delicious but unaffordable for most (The Fresh Diet), while other less expensive programs may be filled with preservatives, high in sodium and low in nutrients (Nutrisystem).  I loved The Fresh Diet but at $45-33 a day, I can’t justify spending the money when I love to cook and have the time.

Recently, I was asked to try out a program called The Meal Movement.  It is more of an Atkins based program.  Never one to shy away from free food that is suppose to be healthy, I said sure.  When the box arrived, I was overwhelmed with it’s weight and size.  The company sent me 30-days worth of meals! 

There was so much food, I had to borrow my a family friend’s freezer to store half of the meals and I still had to put some in the fridge.  The meals reportedly can be stored in the fridge for 14 days before they go bad.  I was sent 28 breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and 2 snacks for each day.

Have you ever tried a meal delivery program?  If so, tell me below about it in the comments. 

Breakfast consists of egg patties or omelets with sausage.  I would normally embrace this except the website reports that the calories are between 300-600 calories!  If you think this doesn’t sound like something I would eat, you are right.  Roomie eats the omelets and sausages, I eat the egg patties and take out the yolks (plus a grapefruit).  For lunch you are suppose to have one of the plastic wrapped meats and one plastic wrapped vegetable medley.  Same goes for dinner.  During the day you are supposed to snack on a large package of either coco or oven-roasted almonds, or sunflower seeds.   They also gave me a bunch of string cheeses and salami sticks (again not my cup of tea but roomie will eat them).  

Chicken Sandwich with Ezekial Bread and Laughing Cow Light Wedge

I’ve been experimenting with the vegetables, making stir-fry dinners, and funky salad.  I also been enjoying the nuts.  The grilled meats for the most part are good but others seem high calorie. I admit that I’m not an Atkins person.  I like my oatmeal, fruit, Ezekial bread, and quinoa.  So following the diet guide was not something I attempted. I did attempt to use the food to cut down on food prep, and decrease carbs.  I have been using the products for the past weeks and have enjoyed the ease of cooking, even losing some weight (but I think that was because I was eating lots of cake last week for my bday, shh).  

Hamburger Salad with Julienne Veggies

The part of the plan that is positive is that it is cheap compared to other similar programs and there is customization available.  I was just sent some of the most popular items.  For $11/day, you can choose your meat and vegetable for lunch and dinner.  This would be my recommendation for someone who lacks time to prepare meals and is trying to gain, maintain or lose weight.  I like my oatmeal or greek yogurt in the morning and think the breakfast options have too much fat in them.  I think the snacks are a little high calorie as well.  You’re better off having an apple and Mini Babybel Light©  However, the lunch and dinner options can be smart if you choose them wisely.  Most meal delivery programs do not run this cheap.  

My favorites are the Grilled Chicken Breasts, Zucchini, Mediterranean blend and Summer Squash.  Have you ever tried a meal delivery program?  If so, tell me below about it in the comments.  Do you still receive it?

Thank you to the Meal Movement for sending me the package.  I was not paid to write this review but was provided the food complimentary.

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