During the week, I love smoothies and protein pancakes for breakfast. But on the weekends, I need an omelet with home fries. This morning before yoga, I quickly whipped up some egg whites with fresh pico de gallo for a quick scramble.P1010060

During the week, I made roasted sweet potatoes with salt, pepper and all spice. I added them to skillet for a few minutes after the eggs were done cooking for some “home fries.”


It’s amazing how my taste buds naturally change with the seasons. I haven’t made sweet potatoes since the Spring! I’m looking forward to the week Trader Joe’s starts carrying canned pumpkin again. 


I hate chopping up vegetables for omelets so pico de gallo or any salsa for that matter are my staple items for adding flavor and variety to my egg dishes.


After my long run yesterday, I’m in need of some hip openers this morning. What does your Sunday look like? 

Sunday Morning Breakfast

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