10 Minute Energizing Yoga Routine From The Yoga Books

Energizing Yoga Flow

Oh how I miss yoga. Before having kids, I used to go religiously once a week to a 60 or 90 minute class. These days, the length of a regular yoga class feels part selfish and part time consuming. If I have 2 hours in a day to myself and I have 5 things I need to get done, spending 75% of that time doesn’t feel like the best time management. Get more ideas at youryogashop.

When I visited Curacao 21 weeks pregnant with Tommy, I shot this energizing 10 minute energizing yoga inspired flow. It’s something I can do now if both boys are napping to power through to the end of the day in whatever I’m wearing really.

It feels funny to see this video considering all I wear these days feels like black or other neutral colors.

I think I may need to start taking yoga once a week as I’m starting to notice little body aches here and there. I’m such a go, go, go person that it’s hard for me to slow down and take an hour to essentially stretch. Do you guys feel me? Any way, I wanted to share this gem filmed at such a beautiful location.

10 minute Energizing Yoga Flow, Prenatal Friendly Workout
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