I get a lot of questions about how I stay motivated when it comes to running. It is easy for me because I love it but I know that is not the norm. On rare occasions, even I find myself saying, “This sucks.” These 10 tips have helped me to usually enjoy running but if you hate to run, they will definitely make it suck less.

One of my tips is to listen to audiobooks for long runs. I did this while training for Reach The Beach two years ago listening to all 3 Hunger Games books. The young adult novels were not too complex that I couldn’t follow half paying attention but intriguing enough that the time flew and I at times would want to run further to finish a chapter!

Audible is offering you guys, my readers/viewers, a free audio book to download as well as a 30-day trial membership. To get started, visit http://audible.com/sarahfit and choose from over 150,000 titles.

If you are trying to just increase your steps and looking for some good listening material for your walks, I also recommend Jessica Ortner’s Tapping Solution for Weight Loss found under the health section. This book was recommended by my friend Rebekah Borucki of BexLife, who you guys know I adore and trust!

Have you ever listened to an audiobook while running? If so, which one?

Small confession, I may have listened to 50 Shades #2 via audible… I’m embarrassed for myself.

10 Tips To Make Running Suck Less

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  • Brooke

    Hey Sarah,

    Another awesome video -- thanks!! I’ve been getting a lot of hip flexor pain in my left hip while running lately. Generally, around the 1.5-2 mile mark it starts to bother me, and recently it’s been preventing me from hitting my 5km 🙁 Foam rolling has been recommended to me as a potential solution (along with getting new runners, too). Do you have any other tips? Have you ever had issues with your hip flexors?


  • Sherry

    I’ve never listened to an audiobook but I did enjoy listening to podcasts when I got stuck running on the treadmill (whether it was due to weather or other circumstances). It really helped to pass the time. Outside I’m usually good with just music or something fun and silly like the “Zombies, Run!” app. 😀

  • len

    I love using the zombies run app when running, it is really fun plus you can listen to your own music and in between they have little background stories.

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