Glee Songs Cardio Workout and Playlist

Glee music makes me wanna get up and dance.  In fact, I do dance in my seat when I watch it on the couch.  So I thought, why not create a workout playlist based on some of my favorite get up and get moving tunes performed by the cast on the show.  Here is a 30 minute cardio workout, complete with songs and time.  Links go to iTunes where you can hear the songs and purchase if you like.   

Glee Songs Cardio Workout and Playlist

Warm Up (4-6 RPE) Stop In The Name Of Love/Free Your Mind 03:29

Warm Up 2 (6 RPE) Telephone 03:42

Run Hard (7 RPE) Anyway You Want It/Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin 03:07

Recover (5 RPE) Toxic 03:24

Run Hard (7 RPE) Start Me Up/Livin’ On a Prayer 02:50

Recover (5 RPE) My Life Would Suck Without You 03:31

Sprint (8-9 RPE) Halo/Walking on Sunshine 02:05

Recover (5 RPE) Alone  03:41

Cool Down (4 RPE) Don’t Stop Believing 03:51

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