So you want to start a 6-week FASTer Way Intensive RIGHT NOW? Here’s how.

I run FASTer Way To Fat Loss 6 week intensives every month but occasionally I get clients who want to start a week or two after my last round began. I get it! You’re eager to get started. The algorithm didn’t show you my IG announcement posts. Maybe you weren’t quite ready but you had this ah-ha moment and you’re ready to start NOW. Here’s what to do:

First, let me know! Send me a DM on IG @SarahFit or email Fasterway@sarahfit.com.

Next, sign up here. Be sure to put my name, Sarah Dussault down just in case.

You will use my name as preferred coach (Sarah Dussault) just in case. You will auto enroll into our monthly VIP, but you can cancel it if you don’t want to continue. I’ll give you a heads up when the deadline is coming up. Once you get signed up, please let me know so I can make sure it goes through to me.

The weeks before my next official start date will be free. Your 6 week intensive will not officially begin until my next start date.

Here’s how to be proactive and get ready to be successful:

After an hour or so, you’ll be able to log in to your app. Take a look at the New Client Program Guide and app tutorials under resources and watch the prep week training video under weekly curriculum.

You essentially can be in prep week for the duration of your free access. What this means is that you have access to our meal guides, workouts, fasting timer, water tracker, macro tracker and personalized macro calculator. Fill out my new client assessment and I will send you your target macros as well.

During prep week, we do not track macros however if you are joining 4 weeks early, you may be eager to do so and learn how we do it. I’m happy to send you my macro tracking tutorial but you can also view this info under week 2 under weekly curriculum.

What would I do if I were you?

I’d start with the workouts. I would do our workouts, especially the strength days on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

I’d start tracking protein. Most clients should aim to consume .8g per their bodyweight daily. I will send you target macros if you fill out the new client assessment as well.

I’d also start fasting for 12-14 hours. Finish eating dinner by 8 pm and consume only water, tea, black coffee (non dairy creamer is ok too under 50 calories and no fiber/sugar) until 8-10 am.

Be consistent. Focus on building a routine of getting in the workouts, planning your protein and batch cooking it if necessary and eliminating ultra processed foods!

What are ultraprocessed foods?

If you can’t recreate it in your kitchen, it’s likely ultra-processed.

Ready to get started? Here’s your link.

And here are a few recent wins and testimonials from my clients 🙂

How to join the faster way to fat loss
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