Updates for my website, suggestions wanted!

After receiving a variety of inquiries from perspective clients around the world, I am trying to find a way that I can better help people on a more individual level.  I would love to do this for free but I’m afraid that it would probably leave me with little time to actually train clients and make my free videos on YouTube.  To find the best approach and I am reaching out to you, my readers, to find out what you would be interested in doing.  Please write a comment, send me a tweet (@dietSarah) and let me know what you think.

Would you pay for a weekly newletter that gave you a grocery list and meal plan?

Would you pay for a weekly newsletter that gave you a weekly workout to-do?

Would you pay for one-on-one weekly Skype sessions to talk about your weekly goals what you need to be doing, how do it?

Would you pay for weekly workout videos, that are in real time, for just you!?

I’m intersted in creating plans on 3 levels, and all having a personalized aspect, that goes beyond the free info you can find on the internet.  These plans would be catered to your likes/dislikes/budget/time.

If you responded yes ot any of the 3 above (and I know not everyone said yes… hehe) but if you did, how much would you be willing to pay per month?

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