23 Week Pregnancy Update and First Trimester Q + A Video

This week I don’t have a long 23 week update because, well, I feel pretty much the same but gained a couple pounds… I finally feel like I look pregnant!

23 Weeks

Baby Updates

According to my apps, the baby is now a size of a grapefruit, a bunch of grapes or a papaya. Little Fit is about 1.2 lbs and 8-11.8 inches long. None of them agree and some weeks they sound smaller than the previous. The face is fully formed and now it’s time to pack on some fat. The ears are still developing but its sense of hearing is greatly improving.

Weight Gained

After not gaining any weight for a couple weeks, I gained TWO this week to make the grand total 14 lbs.


On Sunday, Nick and I went for a 30 minute easy run. Monday I took a spin class at Recycle Studio. Tuesday was a Pilates class at BTone. Wednesday I ran 3 mile at a “fast” pace which really was a 9-9:30 minute/mile. I padded this with a mile walk before and after. Thursday was an easy 50 minute run and today I’m doing some gentle yoga to prep for my long run tomorrow.


My symptoms were the same as last week which are none except for a little bit of lower back pain at night and in the morning. I think it is Sciatica which is common in pregnancy but not enjoyable. My running hasn’t been effected too much, just slower paces and added pee breaks. I’ve noticed my hunger levels have increased as well.

Foods Aversions + Cravings

None new except I continue to really like sweets again. I caved and had a giant chocolate chip cookie from Cafe Madeline. It was one of the best I’ve had in the city. Gummies are still a big one for me too. Love Surf Sweets but last night at the Patriots game I had Swedish Fish. I promise I’m not drunk below but that is my signature drunk left eye!

Patriots Game 23 weeks

We didn’t get home until midnight but luckily I felt great up until 11:45pm… Waking up at 7 wasn’t fun.

Pregnancy Related Purchases

I bought a maternity dress from ASOS for my friend Elizabeth’s wedding next weekend. It was less than $50 and can’t wait to see how it looks when I try it on! ASOS has a ton of stylish/affordable maternity clothes. It is a tighter dress than one of the flowy ones you can still wear early in pregnancy. Asos Dress

We also loaded up on the cutest clothes from Carter’s who was having a huge sale this weekend for Labor Day! I would share a picture but then I’m going to blow my gender reveal planned this month!


Still stressed out and tired from being stressed out! I have a lot of work projects going on. Trying to manage them all and try to plan for this baby is stressing me out. I also have an amazing travel opportunity with one of my favorite companies that popped up! I’m going to Ibiza Island in Spain with TomTom at the end of the month.  This baby is very lucky to have traveled the world literally in utero. Edited 9/12 – I decided not to go to Ibiza… I’m stressed as it is and unfortunately need to put my sanity first. Flying 15+ hours there and back in less than a week at 25 weeks pregnant feels overly ambitious.

I’m just constantly trying to keep up with work and fit in my workouts since I am scheduled to run a half marathon. I’m excited for my next appointment which is on Monday as well.

One More Note…

I took a bunch of your questions and answered them in my First Trimester Q + A video. In the video I share how my diet has changed since finding out I was pregnant and also how my pregnancy has impacted my workouts. Watch and enjoy! Leave questions below for my second trimester Q + A video.

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