Daily Challenge by MeYouHealth

I’ve been participating in MeYouHealth’s Daily Challenge since it kicked off December 7th.

“The Daily Challenge is a daily, attainable small action spanning across the 6 domains of well-being which MeYou Health has identified: physical health, work environment, emotional health, life evaluation, healthy behaviors, and basic access.

Every morning I get an email with the daily challenge. Today’s is to share 3 recent accomplishments. Why does it matter? Here is what Daily Challenge says:

Too often when we’re feeling stressed or down, we forget to give ourselves credit for the many positive things we accomplish daily. As a result, we may feel we’re not being productive or achieving our goals. Taking the time at the end of the day or week to list your accomplishments — both big and small — is a way of recognizing them, giving yourself credit, and boosting your mood when you’re feeling down or stressed.”

My 3 recent accomplishments are:

1.  Successfully ate clean and lost the 8 lbs I had gained since June.

2.  Surpassed 20,000 subscribers on YouTube! (I now have 23K)

3.  Got certified in something new – The TRX!

Sign up for Daily Challenge here or let me know down below what your 3 recent accomplishments were. 

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