New Firefly Sweet Tea with Truvia!

Just in time for my birthday in March, Firefly has announced that they will be introducing a new vodka to their Sweet Tea line called “Skinny Tea.” 

Co-founder Scott Newitt, said: “Firefly Skinny Tea is our original sweet tea flavored vodka, minus the sugar. It is still infused with South Carolina tea but the difference is in the sweetener. Our Skinny Tea is made with Truvia, created from Stevia, an herb that is naturally sweet and sugar free.”

He adds, “The Skinny Tea will appeal to consumers, especially women, who still want the great taste of the original Firefly Sweet Tea, but with fewer calories and no carbs. It’s refreshing and delicious yet still packs a little punch. We recommend enjoying it with water, sugar-free juices or mixers for a lighter cocktail experience.”

The Skinny Tea features (average analysis per 1.5 fl. Oz.): 72 calories, 0g carbohydrates, 0g protein, 0g Fat. 30% alc. by vol.

I am very excited for this debut!  

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