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As one of The Laughing Cow’s newest Community Leaders, I bring you my very first post I created exclusively for their website!  Click one of the links above or below to read the whole thing.  Stay tuned for my official announcement later today!

‘Tis the season for travel and gatherings.  Don’t blame  your busy schedule for the lack of exercise in your weekly routine.  From travel to shopping and eating, trips to the gym are often neglected during the holidays.  However, it doesn’t have to seem near impossible to get in a good sweat.  For those who refuse to give up hope, this “no-equipment” workout will work like a charm every time, anywhere.  This routine is perfect for those who may be forced to get in their fitness in unconventional environments, like a childhood bedroom or guest room at the in-laws.

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Your Gym-Free Workout | The Laughing Cow

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