The Perks Of A Google Employee @ NNN

On Monday, I was lucky enough to visit the Next New Networks offices in NYC.  If you are unfamiliar with NNN, they pretty much dominate YouTube, producing series like Barely Political, Key of Awesome, Beyond The Trailer, Indy Mogul, and the list goes on… I am a part of their Next New Creators program which has given me some amazing opportunities.  The big news however is that NNN was bought by YouTube a couple weeks ago!  

I was told when the final sale went through, Google came in Monday is redid the kitchen area.  Apparently, Google is very health conscious.  Check out what they stocked the NNN kitchen with!

Make your own trail mix and a cereal bar!  The fridge also had fresh fruit, greek yogurt and a variety of fun beverages from Hint Water to Vitamin Water Zero.  Oh, the perks of working for Google.  I may have to stop in more often.  

Of course there are Cokes in the fridge, and sugary cereal as well as some candy but I found this type of culture to be quite luring.  Why would an employee want to leave such an office luxury?   I have never worked for a company that treats it’s employees with this kind of attention.    

The offices were funky as well with fun red cubes hanging from the ceiling.  I love how much light there is in these offices.  NNN used to share the space prior to Google but have since taken over the entire floor.  

Does your office provide free food in the common kitchen area?  If so, are they as health conscious as Google?

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