Review: Exhale Core Fusion Bootcamp DVD

Today I am reviewing Exhale’s Core Fusion Bootcamp DVD.  I waited to do this one until I bought myself a pair of 3-lb dumbbells from City Sports.  I always used to try these DVD’s with 8-lb weights and feel like I wasn’t able to get in a good workout because I’d tire out early.  Never having taken a class at Exhale in person, I have tried one other dvd by them and was not thrilled.  

This DVD overall was not bad.  I liked it enough that I would do it again but not enough that I will add it to my regular routine.  It required a pair of light hand weights and a ball (which I did not use).  I thought there was too much shoulder work going on to be honest and rather repetitive.  The only type of cardio came from a squat thrust that was featured in 2 different segments.  Even with 3-lb dumbbells, I found my shoulders were the point of weakness during the workout.  It did focus on most body parts which I enjoyed.  I was not however sore the next day.  I did burn about 300 calories according to my heart rate monitor during a 50 minute workout.  I typically burn 300 in a 1/2 hour of light jogging.  I would do this workout the same day as a short run.  If I’m just going to do a DVD, I’d rather do something more intense like Jackie Warner’s.

Final Grade: B  

I would have liked more hip flexor lengthening exercises and more variety in the cardio series.  I feel like this is my biggest complaint with the Core Fusion series.  They always seem to be shortening those tight hip flexors which is not ideal for clients who sit most of the day at a desk job.  I did like this DVD better than their Lean & Toned DVD.

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