Marathon Monday is one of the most celebrated holidays in Massachusetts.  The kiddies get the day off from school, the college students choose to get wasted, and the the older folk have parties and line the route to cheer on their friends running the 26.2 historic course.  

I live only a few blocks from the finish line, but growing up I always watched in Wellesley.  The incredible number of spectators for the Boston marathon is half a million!

I will be visiting a party close to my house today to cheer on blog friends like Lizzie, and 27,000 more people (38,000 ran it for he 100th anniversary)!  I’ll be cheering for Kara Goucher.  She lost by 9 seconds two years ago.  She has a mantra that she runs with each year, repeating while she runs.  This year she is repeating “Free” because she is free from the expectations and just wants to go out there and give her best personal performance.    

As an fyi 80% of the runners did qualify for the marathon.  So if you are feeling inspired today while watching at home, know that these people accomplished the below times!  If you do not qualify, you can still run, but you must run on behalf of a charity and are required to raise about $3,000 (it varies on organization).  I always get encouraged to run but I am working on my first half first :).  It’s on my bucket list.

Age Men Women

18-34 3:10 3:40

35-39 3:15 3:45

40-44 3:20 3:50

45-49 3:30 4:00

50-54 3:35 4:05

55-59 3:45 4:15

60-64 4:00 4:30

65-69 4:15 4:45

70-74 4:30 5:00

75-79 4:45 5:15

80+ 5:00


Marathon Monday Is Here!

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