4th of July on Cape Cod

Since my 4th of July was not exactly a typical “Sarah Fit” lifestyle long weekend, I’ve opted to share with you guys pictures that I took instead of the choices that I made. I did go running 3 of the 4 days however! One of the reasons this blog is called Sarah Fit and not, Sarah Food. 

IMG 4278

Wearing a Victoria’s Secret bikini and using my Vineyard Vines coozy and straw on the 4th of July. Sunglasses are the Oakley Forehand.IMG 4279

Aimee made another Jello Shot flag. Best one yet!IMG 4327

The girls celebrating with a delicious shot. IMG 4283

Making our way down to the flats midday. IMG 4285

Wearing my Target sunglasses with a puppy that looks just like the Target dog, aren’t we just a Tar-ge’ summer commercial? IMG 4290

Sunset on the 4th of July, waiting for the fireworks to start!IMG 4294

Snap Infusion SuperCandy is also great for hangovers. IMG 4295But I still needed something hearty of course. Nothing like a lobster roll with fries and cole slaw the day after the 4th. IMG 4296

Back to Crowes Pasture for another beach day. IMG 4299Potecting myself with a hat I got in a box from PopSugar’s Must Have box while wearing my Oakley Given sunglasses. IMG 4309

Figured I should do something for work at least for one minute during the mini vacation. Graphic design at it’s best. 

IMG 4329

Saturday night, we capped off our evening with a lovely and tame party on my friend’s boat. 

Woke up this morning at 6:30 am to take a spin class with Melinda at Recycle. I’m now flying to Portland, OR for the couple days before heading to LA for one day. I feel like a jet setter but all I want to do is sleep! How was your 4th of July?

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