4th of July Vacation: Fun, relaxing or stressful?

The 4th of July is my favorite holiday hands down. It is not typically a relaxing vacation, but a chance to embrace my youth I’m still clinging on to and spend time with my friends at the beach. It’s always a struggle to fit in exercise or vegetables. On Tuesday, I left Boston and headed down around 11 am. I thought I would avoid traffic but I was wrong. I stopped at Mary Lou’s and grabbed a Milk Chocolate Almond iced coffee with skim and my own NuNaturals stevia before hitting the beach at 2 pm. Afterwards, I fit in a 5 mile run.

I was testing out a new pair of Dicks Cottons in the above picture. I was convinced they looked terrible on me. I’m not really a white sunglasses kind of person. I love my tortoise-shell Wayfarers so I tried the same frame but just can’t pull it off. It was about 85F degrees when I finally went running and was one of the sweatiest stints I’ve had this season.

Wednesday morning was cloudy but we drove to the beach before 8 AM. It’s a Cape Cod tradition. I enjoyed some sugar-free/soda water sangria, blueberry lemonade (made with Triple 8 Blueberry Vodka and Crystal Light Pure Lemonade), and the new flavored lime Michelob Ultra. I also drank a lot of water, forgot to eat very much and was in bed around 8 pm. Did you just forget this was a fitness blog for a minute, because I forgot on Wednesday and didn’t take a single picture. Elizabeth thankfully did as I was playing beach volleyball. We had quite the crew.

I did try to act my age the rest of vacation but still it’s never quite the relaxing weekend you need. Roomie and I went for a quickie run on Thursday morning, played tennis on Friday and Saturday. It was a big break from my typical fitness routine and I think my body actually enjoyed it – not the cocktails so much.

I also ate my weight in seafood. Mussels, oysters, lobster and my sacred fried scallops that I get once a year, were all consumed and enjoyed. We visited The Beachcomber in Wellfleet, Ocean Edge Resort for a sunset cocktail, The Oyster Company in Dennis and The Sesuit Harbor Cafe in Dennis. The Cafe I decided is my favorite place to grab dinner. It’s BYOB, seating is all outdoors, it’s not stuffy and the lobster rolls are the best I’ve ever had. The raw bar is amazing as well with large Cape Cod Bay oysters. Twitter buddy and blog reader Naomi actually spotted me there! We also saw the movie Ted, which was hilarious and fun to watch since it was filmed in Boston. I used to see Mila and Mark at my Equinox all the time while they were filming.

Sunday morning I got back on track with my favorite breakfast of protein pancakes with fresh berries.

Sunday night on our way home to Boston, we stopped at my aunts to swim in her pool and hang out with my Dad. We also swung by Granite Links to hit a few golf balls at the driving range. I’m a beginner but finished on a high note and sore hands.

This morning when I woke up, I discovered how forgiving the scale was of my liquid diet over the weekend. It seems my body likes vacations even if they are not as restful as I’d like. I’m beginning to understand how it likes to be treated but fear that as soon as I figure it out, it will change with age.

Are your vacations restful, party central or stressful dealing with family?

To get a jump start on your recovery from your 4th of July weekend, I uploaded a video last night with super simple ab workout challenge. Leave a comment on the video on YouTube to be entered to win the bag featured at the end from Morris Terry MTX Sport. I do say MXT in the video, which I feel terrible about since the bag giveaway is not sponsored but for charity 🙁 …

How did you do with your plank challenge?

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