4th of July Weekend Workouts

It’s funny how my last post said Tommy was a one nap kind of guy… He was all smiles last Friday eating his first popsicle.

Tommy's First Popsicle

Nick slept in Saturday while I got up early with Tommy. When he finally woke up at 9 am – I wish there was a way to capitalize a number – he picked Tommy up for a good morning hug. It wasn’t even 5 minutes later that Tommy was asleep on his shoulder.

Since then, Tommy has been back to taking two naps a day. I kid you not. Dads… I spent the past two weeks, going to museums, parks, the beach, anything to keep Tommy up until 11 am. On Friday, we actually made it to 11:30 am. All it took was one Saturday with Dad to erase all my hard work. I just rolled with it for the sake of the Holiday weekend rather than enforce a strict nap schedule.

Since this is my favorite weekend of the year, I always expect it to be a little extra glutenous and wanted to make sure I was getting in some quality exercise. Saturday morning, I ran by myself. I only did 3.5 miles at a faster than usual pace, which is all I did last summer too. I ran 1 minute really fast, then 1 minute regular/slowish. We spent the day at the beach and then a kids dance where Tommy had the time of his life and stayed up until 8:30 pm. I guess it was good he did two naps…
Cousins at 4th of July Picnic

Sunday morning, we opted for a beach day! I planned to let Tommy take his one nap in the stroller. I woke up and did a HIIT workout that I designed myself using the Kayla Itsines 7x circuit style. I was so sore from the workout for days but it didn’t even feel that challenging while doing it. Probably because these two were hanging out with me.

Tommy and Dylan

Here is the circuit that I did:

Round #1

  • 30 Split Jump Lunges
  • 15 Body Weight Sumo Squats
  • 30 Walking Lunges (2 15 lb dumbbells)
  • 12 Burpees
  • x4

Round #2

-I can’t even remember, how sad is that!? It was upper body and abs!

Anyways, afterwards I walked Tommy down to the beach to meet up with our family. He feel asleep shortly after leaving the house and was passed out for 90 minutes. Not a huge long nap but not terrible either. He actually only did 1 nap this day which was great!

Jogging Stroller on The Beach for Nap

So many people bring strollers on to the beach for their kids to nap in, it’s funny! Tommy will also fall asleep on myself or Nick. I prefer to transfer him to under an umbrella but Nick likes to hold him.

Sleeping Beach Baby

After a full day at the beach, we grabbed lobster rolls from the Sesuit Harbor Cafe for dinner. Not the healthiest dinner but definitely worth it on the 4th of July. Afterwards, we watched fireworks but unlike previous baby-free years, we were home in bed by 11 pm.

Monday morning I got up early with Tommy again and tried to go running before he would potentially fall asleep. This means I left my house at 7:45 am.
Tommy in the jogging stroller

By 8:10 he was out cold. I only run for 35 minutes so it was towards the end but I was still mad at myself. I let him sleep for about 20/30 minutes before he was woken up by his cousins playing around. We had a playdate with my college roommate and her 1 year old son in the morning at 9:30 so a quick cat nap was fine. We hit the beach afterwards with friends and family.

Monday night we had the most delicious homemade pesto pasta dish. It was so pretty I had to take a picture but I don’t have a recipe to share! Homemade pasta is the only pasta I try to eat because it tastes so much better! If I’m going to eat pasta, I want it to be good.
Shrimp with Pesto Pasta

We went to Harwishport without Tommy Monday night for Fireworks and went to bed at 11:30 which was an hour past my regular bed time.

Happy Hour at the Beach Sunset

The weekend was crazy busy in Dennis so I anticipated the 4th being just as hectic. Turns out, a lot of people must have gone home already because it was pretty quiet! I went for another run with Tommy in the morning as Nick slept in knowing he would likely fall asleep. I usually never run 2 days in a row but I can’t do HIIT if I’m on Tommy watch and wanted to workout early so we could get to the beach.

I did an interval run with 1 minute fast and 1 minute walk x 5, then 30/30 run/walk x5. I jogged the rest of the way home.

I noticed that the town seemed much more quiet than it had the previous 3 days. I put Tommy in his BabyGap 4th of July tank top and got my sacred Instagram for the day.
4th of July Baby Gap Tank Top

We packed a cooler filled with sandwiches, Cape Cod potato chips, Tate cookies, potato salad, Watermelon, shandies and spiked seltzer. This white clam was introduced to me on Monday and it was better than any other spiked seltzers I’ve tried. I highly recommend this flavor and brand. Only 110 calories per can, too.

White Claw is the Best Seltzer Spiked

When I was younger, the 4th was an all out all day long party. This year, not so much but still so much fun. Tommy played with all my friends kiddos. We grew up together at the beach and now our kids are playing together at the beach. It’s so crazy and cute at the same time.

Postpartum Beach Bikini Picture

Tommy loved the water and Nick loves playing around with him even if it scares me a little how rough they can be.

Toddler Being Thrown Into The Air At Beach

We stayed until the sun was about to go down and it was worth every minute. Tommy slept for 45 minutes in the stroller in the morning and then on Nick for 90 minutes at the beach so he was pretty well rested and in a good mood for the whole day!

Sarah Fit and her son Tommy at the beach!

Nick left late to avoid Wednesday morning traffic but we will see him again on Friday in the cape. It was so nice to get to spend more than a couple days together as a family!

This morning, I wasn’t in the mood to run but wasn’t in the mood for a serious leg workout either so I did this Kayla arm workout below. I modified it a lot as my back was killing me! It’s from the BBG 2.0 series. I only did one round of the circuit 2. I really didn’t like this workout and will likely never do it again but I’m glad I tried something new.

Kayla Itsines BBG 2.0 Arms Week 16


Tommy woke up at 5:20 am I should add…. I failed to keep him awake and he is likely going to do 2 naps today unfortunately. Tomorrow I swear I will keep him up until 10:30 am the earliest! As I type this, Tommy is at the beach with mom so I can catch up on emails and work. It’s hard to get anything done when the weather is perfect out!

I was going to do try the Kayla 2.0 workouts but haven’t been loving them so far this summer. If you have a suggestion for another workout to try while I am gym-less, let me know below!

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