5 min HIIT Express Workout: Morning Metabolism Boost

I love to work up a sweat first thing in the morning but since I’m not an early riser, I don’t always have the time to get in a full workout. I uploaded a new HIIT express workout today to my YouTube channel that takes just 5 minutes. We shot the video in real time, so you can just hit play and workout with me. This is an intermediate workout that requires no equipment but will really get your heart rate up in a short amount of time. High intensity interval training has been found to be the most effective use of time when it comes to maximizing the benefits from exercise in a short amount of time. It will raise your metabolism for hours after finishing unlike steady state cardio, burning calories like you worked out for longer.

I’m challenging you to do this workout with me 5 days in a row. See how it energizes you. I also find that a little movement in the morning helps my brain focus better and reduces bloating, which helps me get camera ready! I never skip a workout before a shoot even if it’s only 5 minutes.

If you wake up early can like to fit in a full workout, try one of my longer HIIT workouts using a treadmill and resistance band below.


Do you wake up early enough to fit in a full workout?

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