5 Tips To Boost Your Workout Routine

It’s the middle of August and you might be sick of hearing “bikini body” and “swimsuit season.” If you’re like me, you’ve pretty much decided to enjoy the rest of summer and go sober for September. I may not always eat or drink the right thing, but I’m always exercising which makes a huge difference when you don’t stick to your diet. You’re not going to lose weight, but you’ll maintain or gain a lot less if you continue your fitness routine. It will also be easier to get back into your groove when your get back into your routine!

As part of my partnership with adidas, I was asked to come up with 5 tips to boost your workout routine for the end of summer. To read my other exclusive posts including how to boost your confidence, visit the adidas Women’s training homepage. 

1. Choose your music wisely.


I love listening to new music while I workout, but studies show that if you listen to a song repeatedly while not working out (like say during your commute) it will not have the same effect as it would if you kept it just for your sweat sessions. Alternatively, brand new music does not give you the motivational boost. Listen to a song a few times before bringing it out on your next run. I’m wearing one of my favorite adidas techfit tank tops in the photo above.

2. Count your reps in another language.

This tip is from Marissa Stephenson, the fitness editor at SELF. It takes your mind off the challenge at hand.

3. Switch up your training gear, try something new!

I get excited when I have a new pair of sneakers to wear while working out especially if they claim to potentially boost my efforts. The new Spring Blade shoes from adidas allegedly propel you forward. I’ve been trying them out since getting them to see if they make me faster or reduce the effort that it takes to go a certain speed. It’s certainly been a fun experiment and encourages me to use them!

IMG 9766

4. Create a new goal or try a new studio.

I love trying out a new studio when they offer an affordable 1-month unlimited special for new members. If you have a gym membership, try putting it on hold to test out a new style or workout.

5. Get your energy fix with a cup of coffee or other caffeinated beverage before you workout.

If you’re sensitive to caffeine this may not be a good trick, but having a cup 20-30 minutes before a workout can boost your performance by increasing energy and reducing “pain” or as I call it, delays the “I want to stop and walk” voice in your head for at least 20 minutes.

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