5 Home Gym Equipment Essentials

Building a home gym doesn’t have to be expensive.  Here are my top 5 pieces of equipment, essential for a home gym. For the price of one month at a luxury club like Equinox, most of you can often buy the equipment you are going to use (sorry gents, but ladies have the advantage on your here).  Setting up a gym at home is also a great idea if you lack motivation to get your butt to the gym.  A set of fit tools may be just what you need to stick with your New Years resolution and perhaps lose the last 5 pounds.

Here is a list of the top 5 pieces of equipment your home gym.

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1. Kettlebells

The newest staple to hit the mainstream hails from Russia and is sure to be a mainstay given it’s cardio and strength training benefits.  The kettlebell elevates your heart rate, recruiting muscles you never knew you had to work hard.  Don’t waste space and money buying a piece of cardio equipment like an elliptical when you can use a kettlebell.  It will burn more calories than steady state cardio and help create tighter and more toned muscles.  Learn how to use a kettlebell here.

2. Resistance Bands

These light weight, easy to pack bands are ideal for anyone looking for a way to stick to their routine while on the go.  They take up little to no space in your luggage and help tone your entire body.  Try using these for lateral raises and bicep curls to tone your arms while watching TV.

3. Physio Ball

These large exercise balls help make your core work more efficient.  In fact, they make your core work even when you aren’t trying.  This piece of equipment can also double as a desk chair, requiring you to sit up straighter while using your core.  Try using one of these while doing a chest press.  Place the ball on the upper region of your back, squeeze and lift your glutes so your knees are bent at a 90 degree angle.

4. Set of Dumbbells

Most exercise DVD’s and online videos require minimal equipment.  The most often item required is a pair of dumbbells.  From 5-10 lbs, these dumbbells can add the intensity you need to lose the last 5 lbs.  Strength training builds muscle which raises your resting metabolism and gives your body definition.  The heavier the more expensive so choose a weight that is less than your kettle bell.

5. Foam Roller

A foam roller should be an athletes best friend.  It helps prevent injury by keeping your muscles functioning properly.  Using one is like giving yourself a deep tissue massage, while stretching your muscles.  Tight muscles can lead to aches and pains but using a foam roller regularly will help keep your body ready for regular use.  Foam rolling has been known to help prevent or reverse knee, hip, shin splints and ankle pains.  Use this before and after a work out.  Learn how to use a foam roller here.

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