7 Hacks For a Healthier Party This Fall

Today, I’m getting ready for a fall party focusing on football, friends and fun. And since I’m “Sarah Fit” my guests expect the food to have a healthy twist but my challenge is to make it look and taste like I haven’t. I guess you could say my goal is to trick my friends and family into thinking I’m amazing at life but really these hacks are so simple, anyone can do them. You do not need to be a “Pinterest Mom” I promise.

HACK #1: Have anything heavy delivered to your door step!

Half the battle preparing for a party is simply getting all the food, drinks and prep, especially if you have small children. Living in the city, the more I can get delivered to my house the better so I don’t have to walk home carrying cases of water and avoid shopping with Tommy in a grocery store! I like to provide a variety of beverages for my guests and ordering my beverages through ReadyRefreshSM by Nestlé® is amazing.


It’s easy to go online, choose what you want and then they deliver all your drinks directly to your house. We signed up for a recurring delivery to replenish our water automatically. It’s so convenient. Growing up we always had a Poland Spring water dispenser and it’s seriously been a life changer for us.

HACK #2: Offer a variety of drinks that are non-alcoholic and low calorie.

For my party this weekend, I’ve also ordered a variety of sparkling water perfect by themselves or as a healthier mixer option.

I’m obsessed with the Perrier slim can sparkling waters! My favorite flavors are watermelon and grapefruit. Since we are New Englanders, we also love Poland Spring. I swear my dad used to drink one of these a day growing up. They also are great to use as a mixer for cocktails!

Instead of making calorie bomb margaritas, try a healthier option like the paloma! Tequila is the only liquor that is not a depressant and also will not raise your blood sugar like other hard alcohols. My go-to drink is tequila, lime-flavored sparkling water, and a splash of grapefruit juice.

label water bottle

HACK #3: Let/MAKE People Label Their Bottles!

I hate when people leave a half empty water bottle lying around a party. No one remembers which one is theirs so they just get a new one which is so wasteful! In addition to your drinks and food, grab a set of markers or stickers to allow adults to have a little fun. If kids are in tow, they will also be obsessed with this option to customize their own bottle even if they are too young to drink out of one! Scotch Tape and a sharpie works too! ReadyRefresh also carries smaller Nestlé Pure Life bottles that kids can easily write on!

HACK #4: Use smaller plates.

No, I’m not telling you to be cheap, but studies have shown that when you eat off of a smaller plate you tend to eat a lot less. I like to buy recyclable or compostable disposable plates because it makes clean-up so much easier. And if people do eat less, it means more leftovers for you, right? This is also an incentive to buy healthier foods.


HACK #5: Lines on a red cup are for portion control!

Did you know that the lines on a solo cup are actually for portion control! The first one is for liquor showing 1 oz, the second is for wine, 5 oz and the top is for a beer at 12 oz. Mind blown.

HACK #6: Keep drinks cool with frozen fruit instead of ice cubes.

You already have some delicious beverages, don’t water down the flavor but boost it with this healthy ice alternative. I like to use grapes for wine and sparkling waters.

Frozen Fruit

Hack #7: The Slow Cooker is your BEST Friend.

No seriously, there is nothing better than a slower cooker. Make a large batch of Chicken Salsa for a Taco Bar. Salsa Chicken is a 2 -ingredient recipe where you set it and forget it, ideal for making a mass quantity of food with minimal effort or oven space. Tacos are finger food friendly and a football/fall favorite in my house. Use in-season roasted peppers and onions for toppings. People who want to be healthy can add salsa and guacamole, others can pick up sour cream and cheese for a more indulgent experience.

If you have a favorite party hack let me know below in the comments and on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #GoodHabitsDelivered.New members will receive $50 off their first order and free delivery!

Thank you to ReadyRefresh for sponsoring this blog post. To get started go to ReadyRefresh.com and enter in your zipcode. Then you just have to build your order, select frequency and then receive your beverages! 

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