A Very Blogger Patriots Tailgate

This weekend I was lucky to be able to see my entire family! My brother, who lives in Los Angeles, was in town visiting and so was my dad. Going out to dinner with a large group of people can get expensive so we broke up the stay by making dinner at my sisters, getting takeout and one big night out in the North End for dinner on Saturday.

On Sunday, the siblings went to Foxboro to watch our favorite NFL team, the Patriots! It was a perfect fall day for a 4:15 pm kick off game time. I went for a quick run in the morning before we left because I knew I was going to enjoy myself. We arrived at the parking lot around 12:30 pm with about 3.5 hours to tailgate. This is probably my favorite part of the day when going to a football game.

We started with a few mimosas and then I moved on to bud light. I do not have any more photo shoots or infomercials for awhile so I was excited to relax and not care what I ate or drank. It was very nice. My brother is a Patriots blogger so he made plans to meet up with a few of his blog buddies. I was jealous. Can us healthy bloggers have a special tailgate party after (or before) a half marathon or something? His friend Nick aka Fitzy is actually a comedian who has had a few TV shows like “Pocket Money” on NESN. He brought homemade wings and scallops! I took a picture of the wings but missed the scallops because they were gone so fast.

Of course, no tailgate is complete without the bean bag toss game. I love how everyone is so friendly at these events. I saw some pretty amazing food spreads as I walked around. The guys next to our car made grilled veggies and chicken sandwiches along with hot dogs and burgers. I was surprised to see this but pleasantly happy. Oh, how far America has come…

I brought carrots and hummus, trail mix and some brownies I made with stevia and garbanzo beans. I was too nervous to share them because I knew they tasted funky. I loved the garbanzo beans but didn’t like the almond butter and stevia after taste. I got the recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie and featured the healthy dessert swap on my YouTube channel on Thursday if you missed it!

We of course snapped a group tailgate shot before we left including my brother, sister, Geno (my sister’s fiance), Fitzy and his brother Jay and Eric Frenz (another blogger buddy of my brothers).

Since we bought our tickets very last minute, we were sitting up in the “nose bleeds.” I do not mind sitting up high when the weather is decent. It allows you to follow the plays better. Props to my sister who knew this shot would look cool. It does.

Inside the game we got hot chocolate and added some minty liquor, rumplemintz. I had my sugar quota for the week.  The game was exciting to watch but ended badly for us Patriot fans. This is the first game I’ve been to when the Patriots have not won. It was a weird feeling. There was an obnoxious group of Giants fans sitting behind me who I wanted to smack but I guess that is what happens when you go to the game and the away team wins.

Also, this weekend marks the first Saturday I did not run 6+ miles since May! Now that my full Urbanathlon races are complete, I’m not longer “training” for anything and didn’t feel like running. I took a 90-minute Hip Hop Yoga class instead and loved how sweaty and relaxing it was. What did you do this weekend? Did you complete your first 1/2 marathon or maybe it was a full!?

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