A Very Vegan Weekend

This weekend I tried my second Saturday class of Hip Hop Yoga at Back Bay Yoga in Boston.  This class is becoming a favorite.  It’s not hot yoga, but I sweat like it is!  I take the Hip Hop version during the week but the Saturday class with Lynn is extra sweaty.  

Afterwards, I made a Vegan Sugar-Free Cake with Banana Frosting (which had sugar in it) for Elizabeth’s birthday.  Last year I made her the chocolate chip cookie cake but this year’s recipe took the cake (pun intended).  I will be posting the recipe later today.  It was truly delicious and went undetected as a healthy-fied dessert.  I made it because I was feeling adventurous.  There were no weird ingredients.  Just no eggs and I used Almond Milk.  

Sunday morning started with a nice long walk around the Charles River.  I wasn’t in the mood to run really.  It was a gorgeous day and I love that this is what I get to look at when I exercise.  Boston is a gorgeous city when the weather cooperates.

On my way home, I stopped at Whole Foods for a delicious lunch.  I tried to BBQ seitan (which I’m obsessed with), Kale with Avocado and a little of a quinoa & barley salad.  Whole Foods makes me think I could actually be a vegan.   

I always argue that I could be a vegan but I’m going to stop saying that.  I’m going to just say I’m a fan of the environment and eating vegan/vegetarian a few days a week is good for the environment and that is why I do it.  It’s actually got a name, Planetarian!  Do you eat vegan or vegetarian some days of the week?  If so, do you have a reason?

Also, check out my new recipe index page!

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