You Only Need 30 Minutes, Really! 400 Calorie Treadmill Interval Workout

I used to tell my clients that all you really need to see results is 30 minutes a day but I HAD more time so I worked out longer.

I went to 60 minute barre classes, 60 minute bootcamps and went on 6 mile runs regularly. So while scientifically I knew it wasn’t necessary to see results, it was something I enjoyed doing and figured it didn’t hurt to add a few extra minutes. After all, didn’t that mean I could theoretically have a “free” glass of wine or two?

Well, 8 months postpartum and I really only have 30 minutes most days of the week and I feel like I’m in better shape today than I was when I had more time.

Yesterday, I hopped on a a treadmill for one of my first intense interval workouts in a long time and I felt lighter, faster and more in shape than ever! I’m not a speed demon and 6 mph felt slow enough for a recovery.

Hiit Workouts

This summer, I did 3 HIIT workouts a week with 2-3 35 minute runs with the jogging stroller. Since we got back to Boston, I’ve been doing 2-3 HIIT workouts at the gym a week on top of 1-2 spin classes (which are 45 minutes) and 30 minute runs on the weekends. I usually take 2 rest days a week.

When I started the workout yesterday, I wasn’t expecting to feel so strong since I feel like I only workout about half as long as I used to each week. I love how I’ve been able to get back ab definition and thankful that I really did only need 30 minutes a day to get here!

Post workout Selfie

Here is the tread workout I did that burned 400 calories in 30 minutes yesterday.

My 30 Minute Quick Interval Workout

This workout below is for all levels. I used rate of perceived exertion (RPE) instead of miles per hour to make it as such. If you are a beginner an RPE of 5 is probably a walk, which might be a 3.5 on your treadmill. An RPE of 10 should be the fastest you can go for 30 seconds. I sprinted at an 8 for Interval Round #1, an 8.5 for round #2 and a 9 at round #3. My cool downs were 6 mph, 5.5 mph and 5 mph. 

Warm Up – 5 Minutes Easy Pace

Begin Interval #1: 5 minutes Sprint 30 seconds/Recover 30 seconds

  1. Fast Run 30 seconds – RPE 8
  2. Jog 30 seconds – RPE 7

Repeat 5x

Begin Interval #2: 10 minutes Sprint 1 minute/Recover 1 minute

  1. Sprint 1 minute RPE 9
  2. Recover 1 minute RPE 6

Repeat 5x

Begin Interval #3: 5 minutes Sprint 30 seconds/Recover 30 seconds

  1. Sprint 30 seconds RPE 10
  2. Recover 30 seconds RPE 5

Repeat 5x

Cool down – 5 minute Slow Jog

treadmill interval workout

I haven’t done a treadmill sprint workout in a while so my strength is definitely attributed to the HIIT workouts. I’ll share some later in the month but need to get pictures of the moves! A tread workout is easier to share.


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