Steal my 5 Summer Slimdown Secrets To Boost Your Metabolism

It’s another crazy time of year for those of us with small children. Putting ourselves first feels indulgent and impossible. I shared a reel this week about the importance of putting yourself first in the form of a quote from Schitt’s Creek, “If I’ve learned anything from airplane safety videos, it’s that a mother should […]

Wanna lose weight? Go on vacation

Have you experienced the vacation weight loss phenomena?  It’s real! You eat a lot more, you exercise a lot less yet you come home and your clothes fit better.  How can this be??? Well first, if you follow me, you hopefully know that eating more and exercising less is my secret for body positivity.  Second, […]

“Why am I always tired?” Conquer Fatigue and Thrive as a Supermom!

The power of iron

Hey Supermoms! Are you always exhausted no matter how much sleep you get? Do you struggle with brain fog or super achey after workouts? If so, get ready to unlock the secrets to conquering fatigue and unleashing your inner superpowers? It’s time to take a look at your diet. Are you eating the rainbow? Do […]

Best Diet for Breastfeeding Mothers

A breastfeeding diet that includes enough of the right foods and nutrients can help a new mom support her breastfed baby and her own weight loss goals.

Korean Meatballs – Family Macro friendly, meal prep idea!

Pro Tip: Meal prep will save you time, money and help you shed a few pounds if that is your goal. Take 15 minutes every single week to plan out your meals and jot down a grocery list. I don’t make new recipes every week. I keep things simple BUT each week I will make […]

Tracking Macros while Breastfeeding For Weight Loss

Tracking macronutrients is a powerful tool to lose weight while breastfeeding. While some women lose weight rather easily when they are nursing, others struggle to tame insatiable hunger and hormones that wreck havoc on weight loss efforts. Here is how breastfeeding women should approach tracking macros: Macronutrients: What They Are and Why They Matter Macronutrients, […]