Korean Meatballs – Family Macro friendly, meal prep idea!

Pro Tip: Meal prep will save you time, money and help you shed a few pounds if that is your goal. Take 15 minutes every single week to plan out your meals and jot down a grocery list. I don’t make new recipes every week. I keep things simple BUT each week I will make […]

Tracking Macros while Breastfeeding For Weight Loss

Tracking macronutrients is a powerful tool to lose weight while breastfeeding. While some women lose weight rather easily when they are nursing, others struggle to tame insatiable hunger and hormones that wreck havoc on weight loss efforts. Here is how breastfeeding women should approach tracking macros: Macronutrients: What They Are and Why They Matter Macronutrients, […]

Thriving instead of Surviving The Holidays

Raise your hand if you’ve ever gone through the holidays searching for the perfect healthy recipe to bring/make to only beat yourself up for over indulging in way too much dessert? Raise your hand if you binged because it was the only day you had a “free pass” and then felt awful and punished yourself […]

How to meet your career and health goals while traveling for work

Traveling for work can be daunting. Traveling for work while maintaining your health and fitness goals can be overwhelming. However, it doesn’t have to be daunting or overwhelming with the right mindset and preparation. Below are a few tips to help you get from point A to Z and back to A while achieving your […]

An Overview of the FASTer Way To Fat Loss – Review

I’m so excited to announce that registration for my next 6-weeks long FASTer Way To Fat Loss round is now open starting October 10th. Spots are limited as I look to create a more personal experience for my clients utilizing text and phone calls vs a private Facebook group as we’ve done in the past.   For my […]

25-minute Prenatal Workout – Full Body, Medium Dumbbells, Low impact


I shot this 20 minute prenatal workout video back when I was expecting Elle! It was the pandemic and I didn’t have an editor so I forgot about it! Well, I’m getting back to my roots this Fall and will be uploading regularly schedule YouTube videos I’m excited about. That means, editing the videos I […]