Baby Items I Regret Buying For Tommy

Every new mom is initially excited to create her registry. Then, they get into the store and it’s immediate anxiety. I was so overwhelmed. I went with my sister, who has two kids of her own, to Buy Buy Baby. The store gave me a ‘list’ that included way too much crap. Thankfully, my sister told me plenty of the items to avoid.

Afterwards, I went home and started looking on Amazon for top products… I should have stuck to Buy Buy Baby.

I was clueless when I started to look online without the guidance of my mommy friends. If you do not like to watch online videos, here is my best advice on how to avoid wasting your money on items that will never be used.

Pay attention to seasons and size of your baby!

Tommy was big and born in January. I knew he was going to be big starting in August, too! Still, I bought 6 month bathing suits for the summer in March… he is wearing 12-18 month bathing suits. I have 3 bathing suits that will never see water and should have known better. Don’t pay attention to the month sizing but rather the weight.

Also, I bought a snow suit for my newborn to wear during winter… Ahhhh update: you’ll never carry your newborn around in a snowsuit outside of their car seat which will be covered in stroller blankets and cocoons. Save your snowsuit and jacket money, get a cocoon.

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The items featured in this video may not get their use this go round but I’m saving them to see if perhaps my next kiddo likes them! The only item I would really suggest not buying are the turtle pee tents. 🙂

Did you have any regretful buys? Leave it down below to help out the fellow moms. I’m sure I’ll make plenty more stupid purchases in the near and distant future.

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