Baby Stroller Workout Tips & Tricks

Are you a mom looking for ways to fit in workouts while spending time with your kids? I have a fabulous guest post for you today from Molly Roach while I’m on my way to Florence. Molly is not a blogger but an active mom who wanted to share her kick ass workout using her bob revolution stroller. Enjoy!

I am so honored to be featured as a guest blogger while the fabulous Sarah Fit takes a much-deserved vacation.  I am a mama of two girls, Nora (2 years old) & Reagan (6 months old).  I don’t have my own blog or YouTube series, just a big heart to help other mamas.  You can find me on Instagram @mollymroach or Twitter @mollyroach.

My world was flipped upside down after Nora was born & I needed an outlet.  I was a high school & college athlete and had a strong desire to get back into fitness.  As a stay at home mom, I was too nervous to put my newborn in a fitness center daycare so if I wanted to workout; she was just going to have to come with me.  Now with two girls, it’s more important than ever that I get my workout in on a daily basis.  My husband can tell by my mood if I haven’t had a workout in a while!

The best thing about a stroller workout is you can do any type of workout that you want to.  Sarah has a great library of workouts that you can incorporate into your fitness regimen with the stroller.  I’ve compiled a few tips & tricks that make my stroller workouts successful:

Power walking with your stroller is an excellent warm up, cool down, and exercise in between circuits.  Make sure your arms are always at a 90-degree angle while pushing your stroller to ensure you get the most out of it as shown below.

Stroller workout 1Use the stroller as a tool for your exercises.  There are so many different exercises you can incorporate your stroller into.  Walking lunges, planks, & squats are just a few of the things I do.  Planking with my feet up on the front of the stroller is one of my favorites.

Stroller workout 2

Singing to your children while you workout is a fantastic way to entertain them.  I tend to go through 6 verses of the Itsy Bitsy Spider while doing wall sits.  It also helps me take my mind off the inevitable burn in my legs.

Stroller workout 3
Tickling, yes, tickling is always a great distraction for my girls!  They think it’s hysterical when I pick a spot to sprint to and back.  When I get back to the stroller I start a tickle fest for a few seconds before starting my next set of sprints.

Stroller workout 4

Make it work when you can and where you can. Living in Pittsburgh, I am not able to take the girls outside with the stroller several months of the year. I belong to a local rec center with an indoor track that we utilize often but I’ve also been known to do my stroller workouts at our local mall too.  Of course when it’s nice outside we head to our local park.

Be proud! I have many days when I feel like I didn’t accomplish much of anything during my day as a stay at home mom. Just making time for a workout is huge! When you work out with your children you are not only doing something for you, but also providing a positive healthy role model for them, too.  Happy strolling!

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