I love my newest beach workout featuring a high 5 crank challenge as they call them. It features 5 moves that require a pair of dumbbells. Do each move for 5 reps (5 on each side and a total of 10 for the lunges, rows and twist). Without resting, move on to the next move to complete all 5 moves. When you finish, repeat the whole sequence until you’ve completed 5 sets. Time how long it took you. Repeat 1 or 2 more times trying to beat your previous time! High 5 Workout

You can compare your time to my other YouTube viewers by checking out the comments in the video below. I also share how to do each move if you aren’t sure just by looking at the above graphic I quickly put together for you guys!

This video also featured a $150 Target gift card giveaway. You can get more details in the very beginning of the video.

If you tried this workout, leave a comment with your time!

Beachy Style: High 5 Workout

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  • Nancy

    Love this type of workout! I would love to see more of these on here. I haven’t done it yet, will do it next weekend when I am traveling to Maine. I will post my time after 🙂

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