What is the best free iPhone Running App?

I currently have an iPod touch, iPod nano and iPhone.  Excessive? Maybe.  But each has a special functionality in my opinion.  The iPod is for my excessive use of apps without using all my phone’s juice and listening to Pandora while I work.  The iPod nano for long runs in hot weather (that arm band is so uncomfortable).  I was hesitant to bring my new iPhone on runs due to my past with breaking phones but discouraged by the Polar GPS that only seems to log 2.1 miles of my 6.5 mile run, I decided to give it a test drive and see what it was capable of.

First up was MapMyRun.  A free app I found it to provide accurate GPS data, didn’t interfere with my music or pandora, but also didn’t give too many details besides average time and total distance.  I took this picture because I wanted to share the amazing view I have when I run.  I am truly lucky and have always been jealous of iPhone users for this capability.

I tweeted asking my followers for other apps they liked to use.  Hands down the most popular answer was RunKeeper so I decided to give it a try yesterday.

RunKeeper allows you to have a coach for intervals.  I set mine for 1 minute of fast pace running with 3 minutes of a steady pace. Set my playlist and was good to go.  As soon as the 5 minute warmup was done, the nice interval lady said to run fast for 1 minute.  However, my music never kicked back on.  I was unable to listen to Pandora as well.  I was able to put my music on in the middle of the 3 minute interval but as soon as that interval was done, silence again.

Finally I just put on my music and ran.  The intervals for some reason stopped (I think because I had the iPod app open) but I was ok with that.  The app continued to track my pace and distance and at the end I was provided with some very helpful data like the splits, and calories burned.

My average pace had to be faster but since I kept stopping to put the music back on, obviously it is inaccurate but I was able to see how fast I was running during the fast 1 minute intervals I did do.

My conclusion is that RunKeeper has more potential but can be frustrating.  MapMyFitness is simple and works but lacks a few of the functions RunKeeper has.  I think I’ll stick with RunKeeper but am hoping the audio gets fixed so I can use it for interval workouts.  My Gymboss once again comes in handy!

What app do you use for your workouts?

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