Best Toddler Behavior, Discipline and Help Books

While we only just entered the world of three, it is already proving to be a struggle for me. Getting my toddler to listen and behave is hard for me. He’s great for everyone else but I need advice to get him to listen. Getting dressed in the morning, picking up trash thrown on the floor, going to bed, etc… are small but daily struggles.

Just this weekend, we went to our gym so Tommy could go swimming. When it was time to leave, I was wearing Connor in my Ergo and Tommy would not put on his shoes. He wouldn’t even sit still for a moment for me to attempt to put them on. Dad was working out so I was solo. Finally after 45 minutes, I strapped him down in the stroller which he was not happy about and proceeded to cry hysterically the entire walk home. No shoes. No jacket. He was in one of those stroller sleeping bags, I’m not that mean and I did manage to get a hat on the kid.

When I got home, I reached out to my beloved Instagram friends and asked for help! I have yet to read any toddler books on behavior, discipline or how to talk to toddlers so they listen. I knew my virtual friends would know the best resources and many of you asked me to share. Here are the top recommendations based on all of YOU!

Best Toddler Behavior and Discipline Books and Resources

You can find all of these books as well in my Amazon store (affiliate link).

The top recommendation by far was Janet Lansbury and her book and well as her podcast Unruffled.

Her book No Bad Kids came highly recommended. Her podcast features 15 minute audio answers to some common behavioral questions which I’ve already explored. I’m going to try to listen to them on my way to pick Tommy up from school as my commute time is about the same.

The next most popular book recommendation was 1-2-3 Magic! Effective Discipline for Children 2-12.

The third most popular recommendation was How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and also How To Talk So Little Kids Will Listen. 

The 4th most popular recommendation was No Drama Discipline.

There were many other recommendations and here are just a few…

I received a lot more messages with recommendation but I got so many that I now can’t find all the suggestions in my Instagram inbox BUT the most popular ones I think I remembered to share. If you have another great resource, add it in the comments.

Now if you’re like me, you’ll want to add them all to your Amazon cart but who has time to read all of these though, really? I’m going to check out the top 3 and will report back. I may even listen to one or two on audible to make my life easier. I also saw that the library has a few of these so I may pay a visit to the local BPL branch.

Per my newborn advice, everything is a phase and this too shall pass. If you’re here, you’re already doing a great job parenting because you care enough to try to be better!


Best Toddler Behavior, Discipline and Help Books

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  • Kheira

    I have a “threenager” myself, so I’m interested to know what you find helpful in your reading. One thing we do that often helps (not always because that would be too easy) is giving options -- do you want me to put on your shoes or do you want to put on your shoes? Do you want to brush your teeth before or after we get dressed? Making them feel like they have some control or a say in the process can help the level of cooperation….sometimes it doesn’t and you just have to put them in the stroller without shoes…we win some, we lose some. Regardless, you’re doing great! Keep us posted!

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