Body by Boston 2011 – Sarah Dussalt

Bodies by Boston 2011 – Sarah Dussault

I’m included in Stuff @Night’s Bodies by Boston 2011!  This is what I was “eating clean” for in the beginning of Decemember.  I’m not crazy about the picture, but the write up is amazing.  If you live in Boston, the issue comes out this Tuesday.

Whether she’ll build a Jillian Michaels-sized fitness empire from her Back Bay home remains to be seen, but so far Sarah Dussault (aka “Sarah Fit”) is amassing serious credibility as a local exercise guru. A senior video producer at Diet.com, she’s also been dispensing diet and exercise advice and primers through her own website (SarahFit.com) and YouTube channel for the last year and a half. “There’s a lot of information out there, and I help package it,” explains Dussault of her online persona. “And I’m relatable, a girl next door.” Sure enough, her online presence has been beefing up: SarahFit.com now receives more than 10,000 hits per day. Her YouTube channel has more than 23,000 subscribers (its top video has received more than seven million views), and nearly 6,000 people follow her every muscled move on Twitter. Such savvy media entrepreneurship makes sense when you consider Dussault studied broadcast journalism in college, cut her teeth behind the scenes of Sports Desk on NESN, and currently works as an on-air correspondent for the network’s Dirty Water TV. She hopes to eventually bring her fitness expertise to a television audience, too. In the meantime, you can also find this cyber-coach giving how-tos IRL at Revolution Fitness, where she works as a certified personal trainer. But wherever Dussault is working and working out, this all-around athlete combines her passions for media and healthy living into a career that’s a perfect – well, fit.”

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