BodyBoss Fitness Guide Review

Ever since I tried the Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide, I started seeing ads for the BodyBoss Fitness Guide on my Facebook feed. I was curious I will admit but enjoy classes so I didn’t bite.

About 5 months later, they reached out and offered me a copy and about 1/5th my sponsored video rate to do a video review. Normally I would have said no but I wanted to try it so that I could give you guys my honest review. I told them that if I didn’t like the program, I wasn’t going to do the review at all which they were cool with. They insisted that I would.

So here is my experience and video review of the 24 workout BodyBoss Fitness Guide…

If you hate videos here are a few of the bullet points:

  • It’s actually 16 weeks of workouts and each one is 24 minutes or less.
  • No reoccurring fees, just a one time buy it payment and you own it forever.
  • If you buy the book, it’s free shipping.
  • Starting workouts are beginner friendly!
  • Not as challenging as some of the other fitness guides but contain similar moves.
  • You won’t get bored as there are more than 4 moves per round and none of them feel like they take 3 minutes to finish all the reps like another program I tried.
  • Feels postpartum friendly.
  • If you are a serious workout warrior, may not feel challenged enough.

Get more details by visiting the BodyBoss website here. 

This video is sponsored by BodyBoss but my opinions are mine and true!

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