Breakfast During The Heat Wave

It is getting steamy in my non-air conditioned apartment. Wanting to avoid adding any heat to my kitchen, I planned for a week of cold breakfasts. Yesterday at Whole Foods, I picked up a new flavor (new to me at least) from Stonyfield’s organic Greek Yogurt line Oikos called Honey Fig. I added 2 tablespoons of Muesli Fusion Morning Zen. I became obsessed with Muesli in Argentina and was excited to be sent a few samples from a small company based out of Rochester, NY called Muesli Fusion.

Muesli Fusion Morning Zen

It was a perfect 170 calorie breakfast with 16 g of protein, 25 g of carbohydrates (2 g of fiber) and 3 g of fat. I love granola in yogurt but hate how much sugar every granola brand seems to have. Usually I stick with plain Greek yogurt and add my own stevia but was up for a change. Muesli, if you are not familiar with it, is kind of like what they use to make granola before adding oil and sugar to give it the signature crunch. I like to eat it with almond milk as well after letting it sit overnight.

Calories Muesli Fusion

They also sent me small single serving pouches which are perfect for summer travel plans. The only bummer is that if you do not live near a Wegman’s, you will have to order it online. However, when ordering online you can actually make your own mix.

Muesli Fusion

It was a great alternative to my now routine high protein pancakes after my 30 minute booty call morning interval run. Today, I did a challenging 45 second sprint followed by a 60 second jog, 15 times after a 5 minute warm up. I was pretty sweaty and glad I went with just a sports bra. I always wear shirts but it was already 80F at 8 AM. Upon completion, I proceeded to sweat profusely for about 10 minutes before having my breakfast. As Janine commented on my Fitfluential #PROOF Instagram photo, “Suns out, Guns out.”

Arm Shot

Doesn’t this look just like Cape Cod?

Have you ever tried Muesli? It’s popular in Europe and slowly making it’s way to popularity in the states. I wish I knew how the hotels we stayed at in Buenos Aires made their muesli because I can’t seem to quite figure it out yet. Maybe it’s my ratio of yogurt or milk to mix, but regardless I’m hooked!

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