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It’s that time of year, again. People posting in Facebook groups looking for accountability, a change, something to help them reach their goals. Many are looking for a boost in confidence, a chance to feel like themselves again, a better relationship with food and exercise while others don’t beat around the bush and flat out proclaim they want to lose weight. I don’t like to assume my client’s goals but I know my clients.

If what you’ve been doing isn’t working, now is the time to make a change. A change that will last. I’m talking about a lifestyle change. In order for this to happen, you gotta be vulnerable and that’s hard. Trusting someone else, trusting a program that is out of your comfort zone is hard. But YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS. Losing weight that doesn’t serve you isn’t easy.

I intentionally said above, “losing weight that doesn’t serve you.” What I mean by this is that some people have an arbitrary number on the scale they’d like to see never acknowledging what that number looks like on their body or how difficult it may be to maintain. Some of my clients look leaner, wear smaller clothing sizes with a number that is actually higher on the scale. Vanity pounds, aka the last 5, often are really hard to lose and keep off without drastic calorie restriction which isn’t going to be sustainable for most people with a positive quality of life. Sometimes those 5-10 lbs allow you to enjoy pizza nights with your family, cocktails with girlfriends and ice cream sundaes all while maintaining the progress and work you put in.

Establishing New Year Goals

So first, I ask clients, “What is your goal?”

And then I tell them, it should not be to lose XX pounds. Instead, maybe it’s to fit in to your pre-pregnancy jean size or one size up, or maybe it’s to stop the restrict->binge->over exercise cycle or maybe you wanna have more energy to play with your kids on top of managing a household and job.

Creating a plan of action

Next, I work with my clients to educate them on what changes they can implement to reach these goals. There are a lot of options here… some clients may see changes JUST by adding in more whole foods to their diet and reducing processed foods. A ton of my clients see changes just by implementing structured strength training programming! Others need to eat MORE carbohydrates, yes, I said MORE.

I use a variety of strategies with my clients including intermittent fasting, carb cycling and tracking macros on top of a training program that is short and effective. Everyone may use a slightly different approach to meet their lifestyle. If you are nursing, we eat more carbs on low carb days and may reduce the fasting window to 12 hours.

Many people want to start something new but they are nervous they won’t have the time.

Trusting the program

First, our workouts are shorter likely than the ones you’ve been doing. And if you haven’t been exercising at all, these are short and doable! They are just 30-35 minutes tops. I religiously do the same workouts. You will feel like you have your own personal trainer.

Second, many people are scared of “macros” or “macros tracking.” Here is a free guide for tracking macros. I once got in an argument when I was on the restrict ->binge -> over exercise cycle with a former Real World/Fitness YouTube guy named Scott Herman about 8 years ago. He was a macro tracking advocate. I thought it would enable an eating disorder. I’m an Aries, you can guess how it went… well, when I finally gave it a shot, I could not have been more wrong *for me.* Tracking macros made me realize how severely I was undereating. I started eating more than ever, I never felt hangry, and I finally figured out how much food my body needed. As soon as it clicked, I stopped binging, I lost any guilt I once used to feel when I’d eat something “bad” or too much.

However, I’ll admit some of my clients see results without tracking macros and just by following my meal plan. Some people get overwhelmed at the thought of tracking every little thing and I get it. I don’t track currently and I still maintain my happy healthy feel good body with strength training, intermittent fasting (most days) and loosely carb cycling. But I did track religiously for about 6 weeks to get to a point where I just knew where I needed to add carbs and protein to feel good during the day.

So, are you ready for a change????

We start January 3rd.

I’m excited to share that we’re elevating the FASTer Way new client program in 2022 to bring you the ultimate experience and results. You’ll have all the tools you need to thrive and we’re making it simpler than ever to achieve your goals with our most outstanding program yet. 

Here’s what you can expect when you join my new year round of the FASTer Way:

  • Brand new prep week guide to start you off strong!
  • Crystal clear education and resources to set you up for success every step of the way.
  • World class programming to help you burn fat like never before and feel your very best. I really think our workouts are *THE BEST*
  • Streamlined and simple to follow roadmaps to make living the FASTer Way lifestyle more straightforward than ever.
  • All-inclusive app to conveniently deliver meal guides, daily workout videos, intermittent fasting timer, food log, water tracker, and more!

Envision a 2022 where you feel confident, energized, lean, and fully supported as you create a vibrant, healthy lifestyle. That vision can become reality with the FASTer Way!

Say yes to your healthiest self and join my new year round of the FASTer Way here! 

Questions? Let me know! I’m here for you!

Don’t forget your beginner’s guide to tracking macros!

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