Esperanza Resort in Cabo, a Healthy & Fit Vacation

As I mentioned, I was invited to Esperanza, An Auberge Resort in Cabo, Mexico. While initially it was supposed to only be a 2 day fitness media trip, I asked if it would be OK to stay a few extra days, paying my own way of course. Roomie joined me late Thursday and we are in flight back to Boston as I type. 


What made this vacation at Esperanza memorable, was the attention to detail in everything the resort does. From the very personalized greetings (they all know your name!), to the meticulous menu offerings, making sure there is something good to eat for everyone. Breakfast was included in our rate and I started each day with a green machine juice, fresh fruit and water with chlorophyll after a workout.


The fitness facilities were immaculate and the best I’ve seen at any resort or luxury hotel. While I haven’t stayed at many, I have been lucky to see my fair share. This is also the only resort that I have visited with as many as 6 fitness classes offered daily including TRX, beach bootcamp, yoga and spinning. The cardio room had fresh chlorophyl and citrus water as well. Chlorophyll helps deliver oxygen to the cells throughout your body, combating fatigue. 

In addition to the fruit and juice, I tried the Huevos Rancheros, Egg White Omelet, and Oaxquenos. All amazing an enough to keep me feel until late in the afternoon. 

I took a beach bootcamp and TRX class the first day I was the resort (before roomie arrived). Once he got there, I kept my workouts to effective 45 minute sessions. 

On Friday, I went for a 45 minute run outside using a trail that I found by looking at the resort map. I struggle to find good running trails abroad. I’ve only been to Argentina, Brazil and Australia but seriously, this is the first place I’ve stayed at to have a running map. I was a little scared of the wildlife that might have been lingering but it just helped me run faster. 


I took to the weight room on Sunday and Monday doing modified Barry’s Bootcamp workouts that I’ve created for my own classes. My booty was sore this morning after a nice little total body session using the weights. Before leaving for the airport, I just did a 30 minute interval run, no weights. The treads were new, didn’t squeak and I got to watch the Today Show. 

We only left the resort on two occasions, Friday night to explore downtown and Saturday morning to go kayaking and snorkeling. I should have better timed the two since I was a extremely hungover for the adventurous morning. Oops. 

The rest of our trip was spent eating, lounging and drinking margaritas by the pool. The food was phenomenal. As you lie by the pool, attendants come by to give you 5-10 minute back rubs as well as treats like coconut popsicles, fruit kabobs and shots of fruit smoothies. 

The coconut popsicles were our favorites, as was the Cabo Green margarita made with cucumber, pineapple and parsley. 

The menu reflects a lot of LA influence which is a good thing for people who eat a gluten free, vegan or vegetarian diet. We indulged in many of the fish dishes but these veggie tacos on a flax seed shell were fabulous.

This crab cone wrapped in nori was one of my favorites of the trip.

On the last morning, I of course shot a video as well on the beach featuring a vacation workout to be edited soon


With one of the best massages of my life, this trip was truly one to remember that has been documented through food and “hot dog or legs” photos on my phone. 

While Esperanza is not specifically a health and fitness resort, it is an ideal vacation spot for people like me who love working out, eating well but enjoying themselves when they want as well. We also were treated to a vegetarian cooking class that is complementary for guests where I learned how to make green juice without a juicer. Many of the veggies and fresh herbs come directly from the resorts very own organic garden that was started because the head chef found them hard to find in Cabo. 

I found another happy place at Esperanza, I just wish the flight wasn’t so long from Boston. Check out the rest of my pics on Instagram and Facebook. More pics to come from my “good” camera and not just the iPhone.  


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