Celebrating Tommy’s 2nd Birthday

Tommy turned two on Friday and unlike last year, I didn’t take a million pictures. I barely captured it at all. Who am I because I’m certainly not a blogger?!

We started his birthday with a trip to the doctor for his 2 year check up because I am a terrible mother and didn’t realize nothing says Happy Birthday quite like a shot and getting your blood drawn.

Tommy doctor

I’m still not sure why our pediatrician draws blood via the arm. I can’t remember having it done as a kid and neither does my mom. It was a traumatic experience last year and we actually left and came back another day. This year, it took two tries to find a vein and I thought I was going to pass out and cried. Tommy obviously cried more but I told Nick that either he has to go next year or we need to switch to a doctor that can just do a finger prick.

The doctor also asked how potty training was going to which I responded, “What???” Apparently I need to get on this before baby #2 comes. Please recommend your go to book in the comments! Thank you in advance.

Afterwards, I took Tommy swimming and got him a muffin at Flour to make up for it. He forgave me luckily… and then I went and got my colored because all the grandmas came into town to celebrate! Free babysitter? Yes, I will go do something I can’t ordinarily do.


I used to feel guilty taking time for me but it’s something that I’ve grown very comfortable with since Tommy started acting like a 2 year old. I also wanted to treat myself on the day that I birthed a human being two years ago. It was hard work! I didn’t even get the blow out. I got a partial balayage with my girl Ashley Mason at Salon Capri. She is the best for blonde Balayage in Boston. I was in a brunette and out a blonde in 90 minutes. AMAZING.

We had a nice little dinner as a family with two grandmas and a pop pop. Tommy ignored his chicken fingers and instead dined on duck confit, scallops, lobster, and calamari. I’m not being sarcastic. Kid’s got expensive taste. He of course ate his entire cupcake from Georgetown Cupcakes as well.


On Saturday, we decided to have a small immediate family only birthday party. We did the whole big party thing last year and since I’m pregnant and we were heading to Disney World, we kept things small. The kids went swimming at our club and then came back for pizza and football!


No theme. No Pinterest board inspiration. I bought some Lightning McQueen plates at Target and cute cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes. The ‘Happy Birthday’ sign was saved from last year and the letter board is new for my Instagram game!

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset


I didn’t take a single picture of Tommy with his cousins. I was just focused on enjoying my family and the moment which I know is a good thing but I wish I had taken at least one! I did videotape singing Happy Birthday but that is it.

This means, we will have to do a photoshoot when we get back from Disney.

As a party favor, I made homemade Chex Mix with ingredients and gift packaging sent to me by my friends at General Mills Cereal.


What a difference a year makes in mom and in baby. Last year, he was barely walking and now he is running, jumping and climbing anything. He’s got these funny phrases like “What’s up big guy?” and “How about this one?” He always says please and thank you and even sorry when he shouldn’t… I guess I say sorry too much.

He’s a decent eater who loves fruit, cheese and anything made with sugar like gummies! Not a big fan of veggies but loves smoothies so I sneak them in when I can. He is a big snack guy.

He is still barely in his crib. He is super easy to put to bed at night and for naps. We are lucky! He is sleeping 12 hours straight at night with one nap that ranges from 45 minutes to 3 hours but usually is about 90 minutes.

Sometimes, when I wake up well rested, I wonder why I want to mess up our good sleep schedule with another baby, lol. I’ve always wanted 3 babies so I’m clearly being sarcastic here but the thought of going backwards is frightening.

He still cries 90% of the time when I drop him off at daycare. I wouldn’t call him a momma’s boy but in the morning, I’m definitely the favorite parent haha. After that 7am – 8am hour, he doesn’t have a parent preference. And yes, he throws some awesome tantrums but of course I don’t share that on Instagram. I don’t believe in shaming him on social, most of the time.

I can’t believe Tommy is officially two. I’ve been saying he is two for months now because he has been acting like it.

I can’t believe we thought for a second we didn’t need to buy him his own plane seat for our trip to Orlando… HAH! That would have been our biggest mistake but so far this trip, it’s just buying Spirit plane tickets.

I’m writing this post from our hotel while Tommy is asleep in our bedroom. We were delayed for 3 hours while sitting ON THE PLANE. Literally, my nightmare from earlier in the week. Don’t fly Spirit. Ever! The money you save is not worth the sanity you lose. I’ll be sharing all our trip tips and stories from Disney hell which hopefully are limited to just the flight lol.

Are you a Pinterest Birthday party mom or have you taken the less is more approach lately like me?

Celebrating Tommy’s 2nd Birthday

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  • Angie K

    I was highly recommended to do the Oh Crap potty training method (get the book first -- it’s an easy read!) and I definitely will when we get there. But we are waiting for a while to do potty training -- I originally thought I would do it when he turned two and before baby #2 (so right now haha) but I’ve been talked out of it by almost all friends with older kids and two pediatricians who all said wait until closer to 3. To be honest he isn’t really showing signs he is ready so I don’t want to rush it and will wait until after baby 2 is born. But you have more time so maybe Tommy will be ready?! Good luck!

  • Kristina @ Appetite for Instruction

    Fellow “not potty training right at 2” mom here. My son is 2 years 5 months and isn’t exhibiting as many signs as I would like to see before trying to potty train, so we are probably going to do it closer to 3 (and after baby 2 comes circa April 30). I hear kids regress when a new sibling comes so I’m not too worried. All should be fine! Happy 2nd, Tommy!

  • Kristina @ Appetite for Instruction

    Also in the non-Pinterest camp! Our 2nd birthday was a joint party with his girlfriend at Together in Motion. We brought Costco snacks, had pizza delivered, and let the kids go nuts in the playspace. Anything was an improvement over his 1st (we put him in his girlfriend’s pink crown and tutu and he grabbed his cupcake candle during Happy Birthday…mother-in-law won’t let husband live that down).

  • Nina

    Happy birthday, Tommy!!! Oh Crap potty training is AMAZING. It came highly recommended from a few friends, and I’ve since told other friends about it, and everyone swears by it. (PS the book is funny and so helpful in understanding the process.)

  • Melissa

    Unless he seems like he’s really interested, I would not try to potty train him now. Newly two is YOUNG for potty training, especially for a boy. It will probably just frustrate you both. If you really want to try it, google the 3 day potty training method. Have fun in Disney!

  • Stephanie

    We just welcomed baby #2 7 weeks ago and our daughter is 2.5; sounds like the same age gap you are looking at. Advice: don’t do anything to Tommy’s sleep routine. Work on independent play. Get him independent at a few things like grabbing own snacks, knowing where things are that he likes to play with or you might need him to get, etc. And remember that it’s a hard transition for all of you which has been my biggest challenge. My patience his been tested to its limits for sure. Best of luck!!

  • Anna

    Potty training is 90% mind games & 10% rational thought so don’t waste too much of your energy on it with false deadlines (am seriously eye rolling your pediatrician.) Tommy needs to feel like he’s in charge of the process, so unless he reads the book and agrees to the terms there isn’t too much a book can do. Try to let him be in charge, don’t overplay your hand and bribe, bribe, bribe. the world won’t stop spinning if he is still in diapers when your baby arrives -- save your energy and your sanity -- it will happen. Enjoy Disney!!

  • Kristi

    I like your party style, simple is best! And I would relax on the urgency to potty train. I’d be surprised if Tommy was ready now or even in 6 months, or whenever #2 is coming. But it doesn’t hurt to get a little potty to have him try or get used to the idea. Started that way with my oldest at about 18 months with low expectations and he ended up fully potty trained at 3. My daughter though was potty trained by 2.5. Think it just depends on the kid. And you can’t really force them if they’re not ready. Definitely not against bribing though!

  • Julia

    DONT POTTY TRAIN BEFORE BABY! Stupid advice! Its well known kids regress when siblings arrive- you may need to retrain. Also do
    You really want to deal with Ts potty issues with a newborn? I waited until 3 with my son after his sister was about 6 months. much easier. dont understand why potty training is pushed on parents.

  • Alicia

    I love your simple party decor. The pinterest inspired parties are awesome, but really all the work and Tommy won’t really remember. I think a small family party sounds wonderful. Plus I love cupcakes over cake!!

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