Connor Update: Life with a 9 month old and 3 year old

He might almost be 10 months but I wanted to share what life is like with a 9 month old and a 3 year old brother.

Unlike Tommy, Connor is pretty average when it comes to height and weight. He’s in the 55% percentile for height and about 75% for weight at 21 lbs! Tommy was 23 lbs for comparison at the same age. This is great since it means I can reuse more clothes than previously expected.

Everybody talks like you’re able to reuse clothes with the second kid but I struggle. Many were terrible purchases, feel uncomfortable and difficult to get on. Others are stained and worn out. I bought Connor a few new outfits and if they are clean, I always put him in them. I’d like to buy more but I’m holding back. Matching outfits are a good excuse to go shopping though!

He had 8 teeth! That’s a lot of teeth for a guy his age. Tommy had maybe 2 at this point. Maybe 4…

He just started crawling a couple of weeks ago. Tommy crawled at 6 months, and Connor at 9 months! It’s crazy how different they are but I hear this is usual. He is getting good at standing alone, unsupported and is starting to explore stairs (with mom right before him of course). He can walk using a walker but steps alone are at least a couple of months off.

Connor has one word… Dadda! Yep. Tommy’s was dog so I guess this is a step up. Everyone is dadda though so that makes me feel a little better seeing as Nick gets to see Connor for sometimes less than 30 minutes a day. He has been working a ton but is such a good dad when he is with the boys. The absolutely adore him but he’s been traveling a ton.

We are still nursing about 4 times a day… and at night unfortunately. We are going sleep train for the 100th time tonight. Since the boys share a room, I try to not let Connor cry at night too much so he doesn’t wake up Tommy. As a result, sleep training is hard without disrupting everyone’s sleep. He gets up 2x a night still… ughhhhhh it’s me. I am the worst at sleep training children. I know what I need to do, I’m just a sucker.

Connor is taking a bottle these days which is great! He is also eating a ton. He is a big fan of everything we give him with the exception of some weird pouches that I probably wouldn’t even eat. But really, Connor eat everything and anything. I am a lazy mom so often that is frozen organic veggie mix (peas, carrots, corn), an egg, chicken, fruit (bananas + blueberries are favorites), Cheerios, pouches, ground chicken or beef, baby puffs, teething crackers, lentils and more.

Connor is just a happy kid. He very rarely is fussy unless he is overtired or super hungry. He always has a smile on his face and it just a joy to be around. He is constantly trying to share his food with whoever is near and likes to show them whatever toy he has in his hand. He already steals my phone and tries to shield it from me from getting it back. He loves music class, playing pee a boo and clapping his hands.

I should say my biggest victory is that he does take a LONG nap in the morning most days. Tommy only napped in his stroller. The kid fell asleep no joke on our coffee table today. Just doesn’t want to fall asleep in a bed, never has. Connor LOVES his bed and prefers it always.

Tommy loves Connor but he is starting to get jealous of him. Tommy often asks me not to pick up Connor if he is upset. He also has started to tell Connor not go away and gets very upset if Connor touches his toys. He gets very upset when his little brother gets into his toys now that he can crawl around.

Life with both boys is fun, hectic, tiring and totally more rewarding than expected. Most mornings, Nick takes Tommy to school while Connor and I stay home. I work while he naps (shoot videos, photos, emails or writing), we hit the gym or a music class and then go to pick up Tommy. When we get back, the boys nap (well not Tommy anymore) and then we head to the park or a playdate. After that, it’s dinner and a bath and then bed!

Sounds boring but it’s lovely. I have a nanny who comes on Tuesdays and Thursdays that I hired through Summer Sitters so I can focus on my business. We had a part time nanny who recently left and I used Summer Sitters to find someone for 8 weeks until summer when we plan to go to Cape Cod for awhile. They are great for finding date night or regular help in Boston, Cape Cod, Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard. We have the same nanny every time but if she can’t make it, all the girls we’ve had are fantastic!

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