CrossFit Inspired Kettlebell Workout with Carrots’n’Cake

I do not “do” CrossFit. However, I love the idea of competing against yourself and making fitness more like an actual sport. I’ve been to 5 CrossFit classes where I sampled different WODs. The classes are an hour long but the actual workout is really quick and perfect for people are time constrained.

I asked my friend Tina from Carrots’n’Cake to share a challenging workout that I could do using just a kettlebell in 10 minutes inspired by CrossFit. The AMRAP (as many reps as possible) workout that she came up with was way more challenging that I anticipated even with my training at Barry’s. Watch below to try it out yourself.

Let me know in the comments what your final score is. Tina got 5 and I scored a 4.

Tina is a certified NASM trainer as well as a level 1 CrossFit coach.

Are you a fan of CrossFit? It seems like people love it or hate it. What is your position? We also shot a video answering your top 5 CrossFit questions coming soon!

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