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About a month ago, I posted a recipe from Practical Recipes For One on my Tumblr blog. Ashley, the author of the blog, lives in New York City but is from Boston. While home for the Holidays, she invited me over for a home cooked meal as a thank you for sharing the post. All her recipes look so good, I was excited to try her creations in person.

Sarah and Ashley

After graduating from Cornell, Ashley went to Paris for two years. While there, she was able to intern at Vogue and learn how to cook from some of the best chefs in France. Although she did not formally study cooking, you would never be able to tell given her talents. I love her blog because she caters to singles who want to cook fabulous meals for themselves with a reasonable budget. Most recipes are clean since they are made from scratch.

We started with shrimp cocktail and a lovely red wine, two of my favorite things. Ashley picked my brain about blogging and I watched her finish preparing our dinner. She made a delicious salad with kale, Brussels sprouts, pecorino cheese with lightly toasted almonds and olive oil. Although she admitted this was not her creation, I loved it. I found a recipe that sounds similar on Bon Appetite if you are interested in remaking this yourself.

Kale and Brussel Sprout Salad

For the main meal, we had stuffed chicken breast stuffed with spinach, pine nuts, and feta. I love stuffed chicken breast but have never had it cooked quite like how Ashley served it. If you check out the recipe above, you’ll see Ashley made her first recipe video as well, upon my encouragement!

IMG 0067As a side, we had israeli couscous which I have never made, but enjoy when it comes with my dinner at restaurants. She added chopped apricots, butternut squash and a little bit of goat cheese I think. I can’t remember exactly but it was so good.

IMG 0068And lastly for dessert, we tried a pie from the famous Boston bakery, Flour. I have not had a pie this cook in a long time. It was truly delicious.

Pie from Flour

Ashely also served us her favorite fruit, persimmon. I had never had them before and am glad I tried them. Ashley mentioned that they are not great unless they are perfectly ripe. It tasted like a mix between a mango and a papaya. They looked almost like they were cooked but naturally they are that juicy and look like candy. They tasted great until the aftertaste kicked in after I swallowed. I was notified this is because it was not entirely ripe. I will be giving them a second chance for sure.

IMG 0071

I had so many fun eating and talking that I left feeling perfectly satisfied. If only all my meals were this good and entertaining. Since we had so much to chat about, it was easy to measure how hungry/full I was. Thank you once again to Ashley for inviting myself (and roomie) over for dinner! If you live alone or have a roomie in grad school and get to cook for just yourself two nights a week, check out Ashley blog, PracticalCookingForOne.com.  And now for a special announcement…

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