Happy Hump Day! Today, I woke up early for a quick 30-minute Booty Call (that’s TIU talk for light cardio before breakfast) and enjoyed a green juice by The Ripe Stuff before hopping in the shower to get ready for a day full of shooting new college friendly recipes! 

IMG 4707

We shot 4 videos, 3 food and 1 fitness and boy was it hot in my kitchen – hence my shiny forehead in the picture above. All were vegetarian (per your requests), one was vegan, and all were gluten free! I think you’re going to love them. 

I’m getting ready for another full week of “vacation” starting on Friday. I put a call into my Instagram followers to see who wanted to guest post on here during the week. I couldn’t believe the number hands that were raised. I think you are going to love the guests posts that I choose as they are all something, I would not be able to bring to you guys! If you haven’t heard back from me and sent an email, I’ll respond by tomorrow at 3 pm promise!

Today I shared a picture from this weekend showing me sprinting out in Provincetown during my workout on Facebook. When I was younger, I used to always take the weekends off, but these days, at least one is dedicated to a long run and sometimes a quick interval sweat session. Last weekend I did my favorite sweaty cardio interval workout that features 10:20:30 second intervals. 

IMG 4657

I tested out my new Oakley Forehand sunglasses and was excited that despite not being part of the “workout” line, they stayed put on my sweaty nose. I also tried out my new adidas running shoes that are part of the boost line. I felt like I was sprinting like the wind so they got a thumbs up too!

IMG 4655

After the workout, I relaxed and had some much needed down time hanging out on our family friend’s boat. I like my weekends to start sweaty and end lazy. I must admit, I’m a little ready for summer to be over. I love traveling on the weekends to the beach but I’m getting a little burnt out as you might be able to tell on here. 

IMG 4668

Are you ready for summer to end, or could you live in a world where we have endless summers? Oh wait… I think that is called San Diego. Kidding my SD friends 🙂 

Do you want summer to end?

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  • Audrey @ In Shape Cupcake

    Im so ready for Fall! Need some cool weather so I can run more/harder!!!!!
    Yesterday, i found myself finding some of your older videos on youtube and remember how much you inspired me in 11th grade to quit eating junk and start really working out. Been two years…wow! I felt re-inspired! Lol

  • Lee

    Another fall lover voting for summer to end 🙂 Maybe one more great weekend at the beach. But seriously, I’m getting tired of sweating so much after biking to work.

  • Casey

    I am very ready for summer to end and to get back into a routine again! Definitely gained a couple extra unwanted lbs this summer!
    Also, where did you get your necklace in the top picture? its super cute!

  • Matilda

    I could live with constant summer, for sure! Instead we have this “one week of summer” and “neverending winter” thing where I live, up north in Sweden. Can’t help but love my country anyway, though, despite the climate. 🙂

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