Double Jogging Stroller Review: Bob Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie

This double jogging stroller post has been long coming. I have been researching this topic for over a year. I began crowd sourcing when Connor was born for the best double stroller. I asked my audience their favorite double jogging stroller. The top two clear favorites were Thule and Bob.

Everyone loved their Thule and their Bob. It seemed you couldn’t go wrong. The difference between the two lies in design, price (slightly), size and longevity really for your family.

This is a review of the Bob Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie (which is now on sale for $500 – 20% off from what I paid just a month ago) but I wanna share why I didn’t get the Thule really quick. It’s a smaller design profile so for city living, it’s probably a better bet however I put Tommy in one of the two seats at 2.5 and I felt like he was large for the seat. I worried he would be uncomfortable if he felt squished in the seat. People also suggested the seats did not sit upright and were at a constant recline and that their kids got annoyed. Those were the reasons I went with Bob, a larger profile stroller which from the video below takes up our entire Grand Cherokee trunk.


Most importantly, I love this stroller and so do the boys. It is heavy but if you’ve taken a class at Barry’s Bootcamp then you’ll be familiar with the sensation of Dynamic Mode which is what pushing a double stroller feels like. The boys are content during my 30-45 minute jogs. It is a smooth ride and I’ve never felt unsafe.

I waited to buy it this summer because I don’t run a lot in the city and couldn’t run with Connor anyway last summer since he was too young. I have a gym membership with babysitting in the city and I prefer to do my own thing. In the Cape, I do not have a gym with babysitting hence why after a week I caved and bought the double bob. I needed a way to exercise with my boys.

So Connor is big enough now that he does not need to use the car seat adaptor but can sit comfortably in the seat. I did not buy any adaptors yet for that matter. However, even with the large canopy covering each seat, I still need to bring sunscreen out on my runs as both boys legs stick out from underneath.

We haven’t brought the stroller back into the city but it does fit through standard doors. We made it thorough a small door getting onto the Nantucket ferry as well as the small door to get into the Sesuit Harbor Cafe. My current concern is if it will fit inside flour cafe and bakery without disrupting every other customer as well as how I can keep my Vista and Bob available for daily use in our entry way.

I bought the Bob after doing a quick search for a used one on Facebook. There were not many for sale and if they were, they had just been posted. The ones for sale were at least half of what I eventually paid so my reasoning was, pay $650 now for a new stroller delivered to my door in days and get back $300 later or pay $300 now for a used one. I went for new because of convenience. I knew the breaks would work, the seat belts functioning and the latest safety standards.

The flip flop friendly break is amazing because the Bob is also great at the beach. I spent so much money on it however that I don’t love to bring it to the beach. Most of our friends in the cape do however!

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Grab your next bob here.

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