Early Prenatal Fitness Modifications + HOKA ONE ONE Clifton review

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I have another shoe review for you guys! During the pandemic, a lot of people have taken up running. It’s an amazing form of stress relief, and a healthy new hobby to take up and without a gym, it’s a practical way to exercise. If you were one of these people and you were running in old shoes, you may have started to notice some aches and pains. 

Running shoes are very specific to your foot, from your running form to the height of your arch! I usually recommend going to a specialty running store but many are still closed so using online shopping sites like Zappos are your best bet. Zappos has a large selection, quick and easy free shipping and 24/7 customer service that’s always super helpful. You can even make returns up to 365 days after your purchase. Their customer service is the best. Trust me. 

I recommend buying a couple of pairs, try them on and see which ones feel the best. The cutest ones are not always the best for your feet. 

A trusted brand among the running community is Hoka One One. I’ve been wearing them in my sneaker rotations for probably over 6 years now. They provide the most support out of all the brands that I wear. I gifted a pair to my mom a few years back and they are the only shoe brand she now wears for her long walks.  

Today, I’m reviewing the newest version of the Hoka One One Clifton. 

From the moment I put them on my feet, they fit like a glove. They run true to size and were super comfortable right out of the box! No breaking in required. I can’t bring myself to break in shoes to be honest, life’s too short to put on a pair that will cause blisters before actually being comfortable. 

HOKA ONE ONE shoes are known for being excellent with runners who experience plantar fasciitis and these are no different. Some reviewers have suggested that the shoes are narrow. I consider my foot width to be medium/average but my foot does feel snug, so if you know you have wide feet or bunions, this style may not be for you. 

The super-supportive Hoka One One® Clifton Edge running shoes deliver the perfect combo of soft and light-weight providing a smoother ride and enhanced fit. When pregnant, I prefer to exercise in more supportive shoes so I got these just in time. 

They’re great for those of us whose heel strikes first when running. 

I wear them for running and strength training. I still have separate shoes I wear for just running and just strength training, but I’m increasingly wearing my favorite pairs for both activities. These provide extra stability which is very much needed for me these days as my balance is a little off from pregnancy. As I mentioned above, when I’m pregnant I love extra cushioning on my feet for the extra weight I’m carrying around, but these still have firm support for single leg deadlifts. 

Also, I have low arches and these provide great support!

Whether you’re training for a marathon or just amping up mileage to hit a 5K, I do not think you’ll be disappointed with this shoe, especially if you need extra support, stability and/or cushioning. HOKA ONE ONE has a cult following and their fans know what to expect from their latest styles. 

When they are on your feet, you can’t notice the extra support visually but when your foot strikes the pavement you know it’s there! 

In addition to wearing shoes with extra support, here are some other modifications that I take when I’m pregnant regarding my fitness routine. 

  1. Maintain a conversational pace. This means, I can always keep a conversation no matter how hard I’m working. I listen to my body and this usually happens when my heart rate hits around 160 bmp. 
  2. No more pushups! This may sound odd so early on, but I never fully healed my Diastasis Recti and at 14 weeks, I’m noticing I still have a bit of a separation and coning is still happening in a plank/pushup position. Hopefully you’re not doing crunches, too. 
  3. Drink plenty of water, like more water than normal! I aim to drink a minimum of 75 ounces of water a day. I have a 32 ounce Yeti and I fill it up at least 3x a time, often 4. 
  4. No more deep twists. I am not big into yoga these days but occasionally, I’ll put on a video to stretch and I avoid twisting my torso in one direction and my hips in the other. I try to make sure both hip bones are pointing in the same direction as my collar bones.
  5. I still lie on my back for exercises during my second trimester but once the 3rd trimester hits, I’ll minimize time spent on my back to 3-5 minutes. Again, listen to your body. If it’s uncomfortable, move! 

This post is sponsored by Zappos and HOKE ONE ONE. Visit Zappos today for more information on the Hoka One One Clifton. As a Zappos Rewards member you’ll get FREE expedited shipping! 

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