“Enjoy Your Free Time”

I’ve had a few people tell me to “Enjoy my free time” now that Tommy is going to daycare twice a week from 9-3 pm.


Just one thing…

Tommy is in daycare so that I can work. So it’s not technically free time, but I mean, I guess I can see why you might have thought that. Obviously I don’t me YOU, you, but ya know, people in general that I have expressed this.

You know what I am enjoying, being able to do what I planned to do which included shooting a workout video this morning.

I am not enjoying the fact that I feel like I have to rush to get everything done by 3 pm! I have 6 hours to work and yet I feel like I’m running to late to a flight, sprinting towards the gate! Don’t leave without me!!!! Why is this?

I think ever since Tommy was born I’ve always felt a sense of urgency to finish my work before baby wakes up. How do I un-program myself and just be chill and efficient without feeling like I’m always running out of time?

And on that note, I have SIX WHOLE HOURS! Hallelujah! How on earth did I manage my business up until now working a couple hours here and there and manage to make you guys still want to follow me? Thank god Instagram is so popular right now I guess, right?

And still I feel like there are many people that think my business is just that, spending time on Instagram. Blogging, vlogging, creating content, etc is a lot more work than what meets the eye. There is more behind the scenes email, coding, troubleshooting, engineering, planning and more that goes one beyond what you see on a Facebook page or Instagram profile. I laugh when trolls think popular bloggers “do nothing.” They work their butts off and the reason haters hate is because they don’t put in the time these people invest in their businesses and as a result resent their success and financial freedoms. <- Yes, that was a dig at a specific site and if you don’t know what site, consider yourself blessed.

That being said, I thought I’d have oh so much time, I decided to schedule a Facebook Live for today at noon to talk about Post Partum Fitness Questions. Come on over and join us or watch the video later!

“Enjoy Your Free Time”

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  • Jenny

    100% Sarah!! I work from home and since I’m not driving to an office from 9-5, some people assume I get all this free time while my kids are in school. Now, I am a very efficient person…. so sometimes I’ll go to yoga at noon and then work for an hour to make up for it after girls go to bed at night. Having that flexibility in my day allows me to truly ENJOY my time without the kids but I have to make up for it later! On the flip side, if I wasn’t working, I wouldn’t be able to afford to do anything during that time so it’s worth it! I also think it’s never really enough time. Once you have a chunk of time to “yourself” you find that you need more! 🙂 Good luck with the transition!!

  • Erika

    I am not a mom, but my eyes nearly rolled out of my head when I read the first paragraph of this post! How ridiculous, I hope you know that your hard work is very much appreciated by your fans.

  • Nicole

    Some people who said “enjoy your free time,” (myself included) know that work is hard and that you work hard. It wasn’t meant to diminish your work at all, working from home with kids is killer, I’ve had to do it a lot this year. I love my job and see it as my time a lot of days.

    • Sarah

      True true! I knew what many people meant (like you), but a few that totally had no clue ????. A few people were like, “you have time for yourself now! Go out and get pedicure” and I was like ahhhh….

  • Anna

    My third started Pre-K and I have two younger ones. I put them in Parents Day Out one day a week so I could get some things done. Yes, some things for me (hair appointments, doctors appointments, working out) but I still do things like laundry, grocery shopping, organizing the crazy clutter that comes with 5 kids! There is truly no “free time” once you are a parent. Have you seen all the research on the “mental load” women carry? I wish we could stop being so judgemental/petty and support each other! Here’s to being productive when we can!

    • Sarah

      Yes! This is exactly what I’ll be using my time for in addition to working. I’m excited that I can get a teeth cleaning without having to organize a sitter!

  • Kirsten

    I’m a work-from-home-non-mom and I can barely get everything done, I have no idea how you ladies do it!! No commute or a baby in daycare definitely does not always mean oodles of time 🙂 I am loving your short “nap time workouts” though, they are the perfect length and intensity to squeeze in at the end of my workday and still feel like I’m getting my booty kicked, your channel is now my go-to for at home workouts, thank you!!

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